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Spanking Halloween Costumes
The right and wrong choices

Did you know that Halloween parties are the perfect place to spank or be spanked by a complete stranger? Well you do now! But your choice of costume will greatly determine your chances.

The right costume choices for a spanking good time

Both are bad girls Umm.. yea, but works for me! Interesting

I would love to spank both of them!

Dorthy getting spanked by the wicked witch

That is one sexy teacher and one very bad school girl

School Principal. Now this guy chose the right costume! I wouldn't leave until I had every one of them over my knee.

Nuns can be very mean!

Sexy Mrs. Claus

Should be the other way around!


Teacher spanking school girl

Nurses can be very bad!

Sexy cops

Just sexy!!

Teacher punishing student

Sexy female teacher

She's not getting spanked.. but will be shortly!

As you can see, the people in the pictures above are either getting spanked.. or will be shortly. The reason is simple. They chose the right costume!

Here is a list of costumes to wear this Halloween if you are looking for some spanking action:

If you want to spank:

1.) Teacher or Principal -By far the best choice! For best results you must carry a ruler, paddle or cane.

2.) Mean Nun or Priest -Still a good choice, especially with the Nun. For best results you must carry a ruler.

3.) Hooker -Good costume if you want to spank or be spanked. If you want to spank, dress more like a Leather Mistress.. and of course, don't forget to bring a short whip.

4.) Sexy Devil -I would not have thought this would do that well. But after seeing a few pictures of Sexy Devils dishing out spankings, I thought I would include it here. Bring a short whip.

If you want to be spanked:

1.) The Naughty School Girl -Does it even need to be mentioned? Your best chance of being spanked by everyone you meet! No need to bring anything else.. just be bad!

2.) French Maid -Sexy and most are bad girls.

3.) Hooker -These women must be punished!

4.) Slave (or belly dancer) -Slaves crave punishment.

5.) Girl Guide -If you don't get spanked, you can at least try to sell some cookies and make a few bucks.

6.) Sexy Nurse - The shorter the outfit, the better.



The wrong costume choices..

Although everything should be very clear by now. Below you will find a few examples of what not to wear. These costumes will leave you spank-less. Don't do it!

Pizza and spankings dont mix!
Never drink and spank..

Who would want to be spanked by this guy? But I would take his wife over my knee!
In the name of humanity..

Just plain wrong..




Enjoy and have a happy and safe Halloween!
Don't forget to bring your camera.. and email me any interesting pics!



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