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October 29/2005

Halloween Costume Test
-Who would you approach?

Although Halloween is mere days away, most parties are held tonight, so here's one final test for you to take. If you get the answers to these questions wrong, perhaps you should sit this Halloween out and learn to pay attention! O.K you are at a Halloween party, and you are wearing your school principal or teacher costume. Which young lady above would you approach and say, "Excuse me Miss, I believe you have violated the dress code and I am afraid you must be punished."
A) The school girl
B) The cow

If you chose the A) the school girl you are correct! The cow is definitely sending out a "No" signal, while the school girl is screaming "Will someone please spank me!"

Now on to the next question. You are at a party and looking to get spanked. Across the room you spot the two people pictured below.
Who should you approach and say, "Excuse me, I have not completed my homework assignment."
A) The school teacher (and she remembered to bring the ruler)
B) The Pringles can (sour cream and onion flavour)

If you chose A) The school teacher you are correct again! If you got any of the two question wrong, you should stay home tonight and watch some spanking movies and tell me if you ever see someone in a friggin cow costume getting spanked, or a pringles can spanking someone!

Remember to drink responsibly if you are going to a party, and let the other people get drunk for a night like this. Trust me you will have a lot more fun if your mind is sharp, and their minds are a little fuzzy. Alcohol and a sexy costumes spell spanking! Don't turn into a slobbering fool by having too much to drink and missing all the golder oportunities! Have fun.

For those who won't be going out for any parties this year, why not treat yourself instead? Since you were unable to go out and spank some school girls in person, the next best thing is watching someone else doing it.

The following sites have my highest recommendations for school girl discipline:
Girls Boarding School
Real Spanking Institute


October 25/2005

-The "Yes" signal

Now here is a picture that I wanted to show for a few reasons. All of these women are dressing up to have fun, they are comfortable with their bodies, and all of them look hot. I am not saying you should "expect" any one of them to submit to your wishes and be spanked, but I will say your chances are better if approach someone outgoing and friendly.. not withdrawn and angry at the world. Not to get off topic, but this also applies in general as well too if your searching for a future girlfriend or boyfriend. It may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many letters I have received from people asking why their mate will not spank or be spanked by them.
The answer is simple. There are open minded people and closed minded people. There are people who are comfortable with how they look, and others who are not. And there are people who welcome trying new things and having fun, while others prefer the same old routine. For guys, never stop telling your woman how beautiful she is, and never take her for granted. Encourage her to dress sexy every once and a while, even if it is only in the bedroom, and try to do new fun things together. Open communication is the key.. without that you are barking up the wrong tree. (Hey that rhymes!)

So look for those smiling faces when you are out at a party or pub this Halloween. And don't forget to smile yourself!
To see the bigger picture click here


October 20/2005

-What do all these women have in common?

They are all wearing the perfect costume, and they all need a good spanking! My personal favorite here is the 3rd girl on the left. The outfit is perfect, the knee high socks are a nice touch, and she could probably use a trip over the knee. If you are lucky enough to go to a party or a pub with this many beautiful women your chances of spanking at least 5 of them is very high. And I should add, your chances increase as the night goes on and more alcohol is consumed. So try to act casual at first and don't run up to every pretty lady you see. Wait for the right moment when they are in a good mood laughing and smiling, and then make your move.

Click the pic to enlarge


October 16/2005

Halloween Costume Gallery
-Costumes that work!

And they work because.. everyone is being spanked in almost every picture! I say almost, because I have also included a few costumes not to wear.

Just click the picture to the left to be taken to the gallery with 18 pics..

And if I may mention.. that teacher to the left is one hot chick! Notice she remembered to bring the ruler? A must have if you are dressing as a school teacher or principal. Another thing if you are dressing as a female teacher.. I think those types of eye glasses the lady above is wearing make the costume perfect. You might be able to find them at a Halloween store.
Enjoy the gallery (18 pictures)


October 14/2005

Halloween Tips
-Costumes you should NOT wear!

By now you should have a good idea on what types of costumes you should wear if you are looking for a spanking good time this Halloween. So now I will go into some detail on what you should not wear. Look at the two pictures above. I think it would be safe to assume these gentlemen didn't do well in the spanking department that Halloween. No woman in her right mind will allow a slice of pizza to spank her, or for that matter... a beer bottle!

It's all about theme, and some women really get into the role when they are dressed in costume. Good girls can turn bad, and bad girls can turn into.. well you get the idea. But theme is very important. If you dress as a character that they associate with spanking, many will be happy to play along with the game. After all, Halloween is a time to have fun. If a woman is dressed in something sexy, and a man dressed as a school teacher or principal approaches them holding a ruler, she will immediately think of a spanking. And if you play your cards right, it wont take much to change those thoughts into reality.


October 13/2005

Halloween - More Great Tips for a Spanking Good Time!

So about now.. if you have been reading the entries for October.. you have picked out the perfect spanking costume, have made plans to have a Halloween party or go to pubs or clubs that are having parties. What next? Once you are at the party or pub in your costume, and you see many beautiful women that you want to spank, how do you approach them?

Well let's say you made the great choice of being a teacher, (the man in this picture is supposed to be a principal.. great authority figure!) your next step is to eye the room searching for possible spanking candidates.

Basically what you are looking for are women who have dressed even remotely sexy. A woman in a gorilla costume is sending out a no signal. As mentioned previously you are looking for school girls, hookers, sexy pirates, sexy nurses, sexy witch, slaves (or belly dancing type costumes), girl guides, or basically anything else you think is sexy. If she is dressing playful like this, she may be playful with you!

Now after identifying and approaching one of these women, what do you do? Simple, act the role of the character. Staying with the teacher for an example, you could say, " Hmm, it appears you have violated the dress code young lady. I am afraid you must be punished." And then don't say anything else.. throw the ball into her court. You will be shocked at how many women will giggle and then simply bend over without you even asking!

But if she plays "hard to get" or in this case "hard to spank" and says something like, "Purrrrr... Oh, how are you going to punish me Sir?" Simply reply, "I think a good spanking is in order.. bend over!" Or if she seems to really like you, and has had a few drinks, AND you have a lot of balls, instead of saying "bend over" you could sit down at the nearest chair and say, "Over my knee young lady!". This may seem like fantasy, but if she is the fun type who loves to get a big laugh from her friends, she might just do it. Hell, it's worth a shot if you think the moment is right. But if not just settle for her bending over. Some cake is better then no cake, right?

If you have a cane or ruler, give her a few gentle slaps with it. Or if you wish, simply use the palm of your hand and give her a few light smacks on the bottom. But remember, if you dress as a teacher or mean nun, priest.. carry a cane, paddle or ruler. This is what sends out the spanking signal that will make girls giggle. You don't have to use the item if you would prefer to just use your hand. But it is the item of correction you bring that will get your foot in the door. Have fun.
Click here to view full size.

October 11/2005

Halloween - Tips for a spanking good time!

Here is a picture I put up over at The Spanking News a while ago, but I am posting it here again for a reason. This man did two things right. He chose the best type of costume for a spanker (any type of school teacher) and he also chose the perfect accesory.. The cane! Would this young lady be bending over for him if he had nothing in his hands? Possible, but doubtful says I. Holding a cane, ruler, or paddle will greatly improve your chances for some fun. But please don't go too crazy. Remember if you do get a chance to spank a young lady at a party or club, it may be her first experience.. so go easy! Who knows, If she enjoys it there may be a chance of more in the future.
Click here to view full size.

October 10/2005

Halloween is coming soon. Some ideas

Before I go on, add "Sexy Nurse" to the list of spankable costumes one update back.. Now, some of you may be saying, "Waaah, I have the perfect spanking costume, but no one invited me to a party!" Hmm.. well just taking a shot in the dark you could try.. having your own damn party!

That's right! If you work in an office or a place with lots of hot women, or guys (if your a lady) send out the invitations! Surveys have shown that other then the boring office Xmas party (don't try any spanking here.. you may get fired) many people only go to a Halloween party the rest of the year. Don't be surprised if that shy secretary Martha (pretend she is the woman in the middle of this picture above) shows up dressed as a hooker or school girl. What she is secretly saying is, "Spank me like the bad little girl I am!"

I worked in an office building for years, and you quickly find out that people act and dress a certain way at work, yet are completely different outside of work. (The women reading this are nodding their heads right now) When they are outside of work they can be themselves, and when they are at a Halloween party they can be anybody they want! Always keep this in mind.

But what if you don't work for a large company or have a large circle of friends.. who have a larger circle of friends to invite to your party. No worries. Put on your costume and head to your local night club or pub. These places always have Halloween parties this time a year.. some will have several. So go to one pub and check out the talent, if your not having fun try another. It's best to pick an area where there are many clubs or pubs together. Women will be just as playful in this type of atmosphere as they would be at a regular house party.
More Halloween spanking tips coming soon!

Click to see the larger photo

October 08/2005

Halloween Costume Ideas Part 3

Here are a few more spanking costume ideas that you might not have though of. The first one is a sexy devil (note the whip), and the other one is.. well I don't know what the hell she is supposed to be! Maybe some type of Pirate or Warrior chick.. But did you notice the flat sword? She brought that along for a reason! A perfect accessory for a costume that will assist with a spanking. So to recap good costumes choices so far..

If you want to spank:

  • School teacher (male or female)
  • Mean Priest or Nun (male or female)
  • Devil.. with whip (male or female)
  • Hooker.. with whip (female.. or male too I guess)

If you want to be spanked

  • School girl By far the number one choice!
    Note if you are a guy and want to be spanked, the school girl outfit is still a good choice. You'll get lots of laughs, and women will be fighting to pull up your skirt and spank your pantied bottom.
  • French Maid -To me this just screams "Spanking"
  • Girl guide -Hey it worked in the picture below!
  • Hooker -Short sleazy outfits are best!
  • Slave -All slaves must be punished!

Click to see the larger pic.

October 05/2005

Halloween Costume Ideas Part 2

Now for those of you who are looking at dishing out some spanking this Halloween, the following outfits are the best choices: Mean teacher (male or female), Mean Priest or Nun (male or female). But remember, to show that you are mean and not just a regular teacher or nun you have to carry a paddle, ruler or cane. Once the women see you in this getup, they will giggle and bend over for you left right and center!

If you are at a party or pub, search out the "types" of women who are disguised spankos. The obvious ones will be the naughty school girl and (see pic) girl guides, french maids, hookers, or anything in a short skirt. These are women who are open to fun, and comfortable with their bodies. If you see a woman wearing some big bulky costume or dressed as a witch or something ugly.. stay away. If they wanted to be naughty tonight they would have dressed the part. More tips coming soon!

Click to see the larger pic.

October 03/2005

Halloween Costume Ideas Part 1

Now take a look at this picture. They haven't even left for the party, and the guy is already tanning her cute little behind! This girl is wearing the number one costume that will guarantee her many spankings on this evening. The classic "naughty" school girl outfit. Girls, you don't even have to go to a special Halloween store to buy something like this. Just pick up a short plaid skirt, a white shirt.. tied up like shown in the above picture, and you can even put on some knee-high white socks or stockings for that "extra naughty " look. Now guys, if you want to spank lots of women on this night, don't wear what this guy plans to wear.. it will get you no where. Click the picture and look on the table to see part of his costume.

Click here for the bigger picture

October 01/2005

Halloween Is Coming!

As I have mentioned in the past here and at The Spanking News, Halloween is day when most spankings take place for adults. Period. No other day even comes close. Why? Because people look at it as a day where they can do whatever or be whoever the hell they want. And not only that, when Halloween is over, you can simply step out of the character you were in for one short day, go back to being your boring old self. You will not have to deal with any of the problems that your character would normally have to deal with on a day to day basis.

For example you can "pretend" to be a school teacher, go around and spank "willing" adults and get away with it.. without worrying about having to go to school the next day and teach a bunch of bratty kids, or face criminal charges. It's the best of both worlds! And no one is going to say anything about your behavior from the previous night, they will just think you were doing a great job playing the role.

So this Halloween be who you want to be and act like an idiot, who cares! Have fun dammit, and spank or get your bottom spanked by every poor soul who crosses your path. In the coming days, I will post some costume ideas that will guarantee you some spanking action, along with some other great tips.
Click to see the larger pic.

September 30/2005

What I would like to see..

After seeing this picture, I had a great idea that could be put in place at shopping malls everywhere. Someone should design a type of spanking machine, sort of like one of those kiddy rides you might have seen around before. It could be something like the cartoon man in the picture, but either seated or have one knee out. A person would go over the knee, insert coin and some robot hand would start spanking. Don't laugh, think of the possibilities! I know your probably saying, "Great idea, but why at a shopping mall?" Think for a second. What happens when a guy is out with his girl at a mall? "Oh honey, let's go into this store.. Oh honey let's go into that store... Oh look this one is having a sale!" See what I mean?

After putting up with this little spend-a-holic for a bit, a guy should be able to take her by the hand to the nearest patented "Spank-A-Shopper". He would simply put her over the knee, fasten her hands, and insert a coin or coins. One coin would make the machine go for one minute, two coins for two minutes.. you get the idea. Then he could sit down and rest while enjoying a soda or cappuccino, while other shoppers gather around pointing at laughing and the spoiled brat getting her just deserts. I bet that would teach her a well deserved lesson, and serve as a reminder the next time she is in the mall.

Single women shoppers could also use the machine. "Hmm, I really want that dress, but I know I cant afford it. Maybe the Spank-A-Shopper will spank some sense into me!" She takes her spanking, and leaves the mall rubbing her bottom with her money still in her purse.

Excuse my while I go to my work shop to put this great idea into action.
Click to see the larger pic.

September 28/2005

Two knees are better then one..

I'm not sure what this little lady did, but she's paying the price for it x 2. What a great position. One girl spanks one cheek, and the other girl spanks the other cheek. Brilliant! I bet this is just a fun birthday spanking, but you have to give these chicks an A+ for imagination and presentation. This might be a good idea for a new Olympic sport. Move over synchronized swimming, we would rather see synchronized spanking! Or at least I would . And of course instead of those boring one piece swimming outfits, the synchronized spanking ladies would wear thong bikinis. How else would the judges be able to score their work?
Click for full size photo.

September 24/2005

Never ending spanking..

Someone sent this to me a while ago and I keep on forgetting to put it up here. It's just an animation, but it loops at the perfect time.

Not only does this lady get a spanking that lasts forever, the man in the background does a little dance too. It's a shame it doesn't have sound, but if I should happen to find this video clip somewhere I will post it here. For now, just click the picture to start the animation.. and then to stop simply close the window when you think she has learned a lesson!
Click picture to start the animation.


September 21/2005

That's what friends are for..

If you are ever at a party and your girl is acting up and needs to take a trip over the knee, feel free to ask for assistance if your hand gets tired. That's what friends are for! I would be more then happy to lend a hand in such a situation.. wouldn't you?

This guy has probably had a long day at work, and now he is forced to deal with the bratty behavior of his girlfriend. I can understand him not taking down her jeans in a public environment like this, but in some cases I think it needs to be done. Remember you are around friends, and I doubt you would hear any complaints from the guests. Just my opinion of course.
Click here for the bigger picture.

September 18/2005

The Right Way..

If you are going through the trouble of spanking one of your friends.. and taking a picture of it.. you might as well take the pants down as well. Although to capture this special moment perfectly, she should of went over the woman's knee, but who's complaining. Has anyone noticed that women are getting naughtier every year? The reason is simple. Not enough discipline!! More spankings are needed so these brats turn back into proper young ladies. I am making an official plea to men everywhere to increase the spankings! If you currently spank your wife or girlfriend 3 times a week.. make it 5 times a week. Let's nip this problem in the bud before things get out of hand. And it might be a good idea to email me pictures so I can put them up here. Maybe they will serve as a deterrent to other young ladies thinking of being bad.
Click for larger photo.

September 13/2005

Bad Girls..

These two are as cute as a button! Wait a minute.. buttons aren't cute! I see buttons everyday and never once have I said, "Wow, that top button on my shirt is sooo cute!" So let me change my description.. sure I could just delete it, but I like to let everyone know what crazy thoughts go through my mind while I am working on this site. OK where was I? Yes, I think these two girls are in need of a very long discussion over my knee. How's that? Much better then that stupid "cute as a button" comment. Here's a few other phrases that annoy me:
"Selling like hot cakes!" 1. What are hot cakes 2. Did they ever sell a lot?
"It's raining cats and dogs" I just don't get it...

Well that's it for now, I have to go make some dinner.. and I am so hungry I can eat a horse!
Click here to make the above picture bigger then life.

September 11/2005

The Cane in motion..

I wonder how fast the cane moves when it is at the point of striking the bottom, as shown in the picture to the side. Notice the slight blur at the tip of the cane? It is that final snap that I am talking about. Maybe someone out there with a radar gun can cane a young lady while recording the speed, as I am sure I'm not the only one interested in this subject. My guess is at least 200 mph. While doing some quick reading I discovered that cracking a whip in the air (not striking someone) travels past the speed of sound (760 mph).. just so you know.
Click here to go to the movie page for Sit Spanking and see 4 free video clips.

September 08/2005

A good switching..

Although its hard to tell by this picture, this is actually a switch taken from a tree and not a cane. I notice Russian spanking web pages tend to use switches a lot. It's interesting that spanking takes place across the world, yet all seem to have their own weapon of choice. In The United States and Canada, over the knee spankings, the belt, hairbrush and paddle seem to be common. Yet in the UK you see a lot of the cane and different straps such as the tawse. In Russian spanking videos I notice they like to have the girl lying face down on a bed or table. Very different from other countries where bending over is more often seen. You won't hear me complaining though.. I like the variety!
Click here for a movie page with 4 free videos from the site Her First Punishment.

September 05/2005

Ummm.. yea..

I'll let you make up your mind as to what the hell is going on in this picture. Notice the belt in hand? And what is with those socks? Maybe it's a women's field hockey team.

Regardless, I would take a belt to her as well if she taunted me in that position. But not before that skirt went up and panties came down so the job could be done right! I doubt it would be the first time she has had a taste of leather across her behind. Then again I could be wrong.
Click here to enlarge the above picture

September 02/2005

Classic Russian switching..

Here's some movie clips from an interesting site called Her First Punishment. If you like switchings you will love this place. It's not for the squeamish who only like to see over the knee spanking where the bottom just turns a slight pink. A good switching leaves angry red wheals, leaving the lady thinking about things that don't require her to sit down for the next few days! Click the picture to go to a page with some videos. You might want to turn your sound down for the first video, because the girl has a high pitched squeal the whole time she is being punished.
Click here to go to a page with 4 free spanking movies from Her First Punishment.

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