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December 31/2005

Calstar Clips

It is always a nice change to see an older gentleman spanking a younger girl. In my opnion the punishment seems more authentic compared to seeing a couple of young models with one pretending that she is the aunt, mean boss, or some other authoritative figure. And wouldn't this be a great job for someone who is retired? While your friends are fishing or playing lawn bowling, this secret job is the better choice if you ask me. You are kept active with all that spanking, your heart is pumping more compared to the other two hobbies, and you are happy. Yes this older fellow in the picture above has it made. Some preview clips from this scene can be found on this page.


December 30/2005

Obey the sign

Spank that booty.. she commands you! I the arrow on the sign is a nice touch, don't you? I could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if this chick enjoyed the occasional trip over the knee for everyday misdeeds. You dont just slap a sign on your back like that for fun. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it. Now that's my kind of girl!


December 28/2005

Spanked Cutie

Here is something you just dont see enough of these days. A strapping while over the knee. To me this is the best of both worlds. I have always been a bigger fan of over the knee punishments compared to the girl simply bending over.. although I don't mind variety from time to time. But there is a big void of material with the OTK position AND a strap or belt being used. When you read stories about life in the 1940's or 50s this was actually a very common punishment, especially with the belt. So it surprises me that these scenes are rarely recreated. For the spanking producers that read this page (and I know there are some), can you help us out here? Make some OTK videos with a belt. We have been waiting along time!


December 26/2005

Birthday Spanking Fun

Here's a nice picture of a classic bday spanking. Yes one wack for every year, but can you tell what number they are on by only looking at this photo? Of course you can.. thanks to the designated counter standing on the left. No offence to the woman on the receiving end of this time honored tradition, but it looks like there is still a long way to go before this birthday spanking in completed.


December 23/2005

Outdoor Punishment

Imagine hiking in the woods and then coming across this interesting scene. What would you do? Just continue on pretending you didn't see anything, or perhaps stop and ask if you can help provide some assistance with the discipline of this young lady? I wouldn't bother offering your belt in this case, as I think the prison strap that the other girl is swinging is more then suitable for the job.

Check out these preview vids from Spanked Cutie and see for yourself.


December 21/2005

Made for..

Some bottoms are just made for spanking, and here is one such example. Even though it is not bare, there is no mistaking this beautiful backside's potential. Either OTK or bent over for the cane, I am sure it would present a very delious target for the spanker. If they ever make human type robots that can clean your house and do a number of different tasks, I want mine to have an ass like this. Now that's not too much to ask for is it?


December 19/2005

Double Discipline

If you are ever caught in the situation of having to discipline two young ladies, and you are a little pressed for time, just take care of both of them at once. Why go through the whole process with one, and then start all over again for the second one. Simply have both girls get into position at the same time, and take care of business quickly and easily. No muss and no fuss.

Take a look at the following four videos on this page for a quick demonstation on this procedure.


December 16/2005

Whipping the devil out of her

Look at her eyes.
Take that.. devil!
I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of these young ladies have received a belt across the backside before. The one swinging it obviously knows how to fold it in two properly.. I doubt she just assumed that was how it was done. I think in general a lot of women have an interest in spanking, yet never act on those thoughts. The reason I say this is because whenever I look at sets of pictures in a party type atmosphere.. and where alcohol is being consumed.. it is not rare to find two girls playing in this sort of maner. Once they are relaxed and in a playful mood the truth always comes out.


December 12/2005

Schoolgirl outfits

I wonder if the original designer of the classic schoolgirl outfit chose this design with the thought of corporal punishment in mind. The thick skirt can be flipped up with ease, and provides the perfect frame once the panties are lowered just so. Take a look at the above still for example. It couldn't be more obvious where the cane should strike.. right in the middle of the perfectly outlined box.

Here are some preview clips from Girls Boarding School in case you need a few pointers.


December 07/2005


Haven't we seen these two girls before? Ah yes, it was in the May/June edition (about half way down the page) except it was the other girl doing the paddling. Yup, put a ping pong paddle, or table tennis bat as it is also called on the table in front of two playful chicks at a party and then sit back and watch the fun. As soon as one notices it, other women will be bending over waiting for their smacks. Give it a try at your next party, and report the results for all of us.


December 04/2005

Nude Punishment

Women always look more submissive when they are completely nude and OTK compared to when they are semi dressed. Personally I enjoy seeing both when I visit websites and watch videos. Too much nudity and it gets boring, and only watching partially nude videos can have the same effect as well. GBS seems to have a nice mix of both. You can count on all the women being in different forms of dress and experienceing different forms of punishment on a regualr basis.
Here's 4 nice videos


December 01/2005


Usually when you see these fun snap shots they tend to look like a pose. But to me, this one looks more like an action shot and the girl bending over has just received a firm swat.

I am hoping that with the cost and size of small video cameras decreasing we may soon be able to watch actual videos from parties like this instead of still pictures. Then there will be more action and less acting knowing that they are being filmed.

This Month
New Site Spotlight:
Lupus Spanking and Calstar Spanking

November 28/2005

Lupus Spanking
-The Review

Just a quick note to let you guys know that I wrote a review for the new Lupus site over at the Spanking News. To read all about this long awaited webpage from one of the best producers of spanking content on the planet, click here. More updates coming soon as this special spotlight on Calstar & Lupus continues.


November 26/2005

Another Gallery for Lupus

I just signed up as a member to the new Lupus website and a review is coming very shortly. I will post it over at The Spanking News, so be sure to check that site if your interested in reading all about it.

From what I have seen so far, Lupus has really scored a winner. Then again, is it any surprise? Lupus makes quality films, so one would expect a quality site. And it is! Stay tuned.. a full review is coming soon.
By the way.. I notice Lupus likes to use this spanking bench in the pictureabove. Maybe they should sell them! It would make a nice addition to any livingroom. Think of it.. what a great conversation piece when you have guests over!

Guest: Betty, I just love what you have done to your livingroom. Your choice of colors are perfect. Hmmm.. that's an interesting piece of furniture. What exactly is it?

Betty: Oh that? It's a spanking bench, Mary. You see, when my husband feels that I need to learn a good lesson, he bends be over and ties me to it. Then he gives me a good caning on my bare bottom.

Guest: Really??? (giggles) Would you might if i bend over it?

Betty: Of course not! Here.. let me tie your hands..

Guest: (giggles)

Betty (giggles)

Enough of my rambling.. here's another free gallery from Lupus


November 23/2005

Calstar Spanking
-The Spotlight continues

Here's another nice gallery from the CalStar Spanking site that I thought you would like.

After being a member of this site for only a few days, I have to say I am really starting to enjoy their movies! The picture above is from one of their films called "Caned In The Back Room" and has a very strong sexual theme to it instead of just spanking. And I should add that both women have very spankable bottoms too!

Click here to visit CalStar Spanking

Click here or the picture above to enter the free gallery


November 20/2005


Calstar Spanking
-The Review

As promised, I checked out the new CalStar Spanking site to give you all an honest opinion before you fork over your hard earned money. So what did I think? Well.. it depends.. read on.

The site is organized in a fairly basic fashion so navigation is nice and simple. You are given four categories of movies to choose from, which are: Female spanks female, male spanking female, schoolgirls, and domestic discipline. All fine and dandy. Each section has approximately 8-14 full play movies.. not just clips, but full movies. Again great.

Now the next part is either good news or bad news depending on your present situation. I found a movie I wanted to download, and they give you the option of downloading the full movie or it is broken into 10 parts. I chose to download the full movie, right clicked and did a "save target as" and was shocked at what the status box said. The total size of the movie is 509MB!! WTF!! Is that right? I looked at it again thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me.. yup half a gig for one movie.

So for those of you who have a high speed connection, you will probably be very happy to hear this. I know of no other site (other then pay per view sites) that have movies this huge in size. Luckily I have a high speed connection, but for those of you that have dial-up you will have to forget about this place.. at least for now. Part of the reason for the large file size is do to the fact that all movies are in wmv format so they play in windows media player. Another plus for those who hate the real video player, but the trade off is a large file.

What about downloading the movie in parts? Again, fine if you have high speed but a 500 meg movie divided into 10 parts is still about 50 megs each part. Again, maybe in the future Calstar will give members the choice of the large files and smaller real video player sizes for dial-up users, but at present there is no such option.

Other then that the site as great. Some movies look better then others depending on when they were filmed, but overall I was very pleased with the content. My only other gripe was that they did not have thumbnailed galleries for most of the movies.. just one picture. But I am sure this is probably because the site is so new.

Overall I rate this site 4 out of 5 for highspeed users.
I subtracted a mark because each movie didn't have a gallery, and if you choose to download the movie in parts, each part doesn't have a thumbnail showing what you are downloading. I blindly downloaded a 50 meg part only to find out it contained two girls playing tennis (before the spanking). This is no big deal really, but it would be nice and wouldn't take the webmaster that long to add to the site.

For dial-up users I will keep you informed if the situation changes in the future. For now I can only highly recommend Calstar Spanking for those with a high speed connection.

Click here to visit CalStar Spanking

November 18/2005

The Punishment Bench

For those of you who have seen the movies from Lupus that take place in an old school room, you know this bench. And that brings me to the following question: Where there really such devices back in the good old days. Yes we know spanking, caning and birching was a common form of punishment in schools many years ago, but did they have the special bench? I know they had something like this for prisons, and I believe I read that some schools had a block to bend over, but did they ever go as far as to strap someone to a special piece of furniture and bare their bottom.

Hmm.. I will have to research this.

For now enjoy this free gallery from Lupus


November 16/2005


Another Lupus Gallery

Now take a look at this picture. A perfect scene, fantastic lighting, and a red bottom. What more could one ask for?
I have never spanked a woman in that position before, but I have to admit it looks very interesting. The bottom is at a great angle and I like how her legs are spread over his other knee, with one foot holding down only one leg. This allows her to kick or squirm a little, but you still have her under complete control. Yes, very nice indeed.

I have never seen this movie from where these stills were taken, but when I join this new site from Lupus I think this will be the first video I check out.

Here's a free gallery with stills from this Lupus movie


November 13/2005

More pics from the new Calstar Spanking site

Hmm.. what do we have here? Remember a month or two ago ( my memory is fading in my old age) that I complained there wasn't enough black girls getting spanked? Well, add California Star to the list of sites that have these lovely spankable women in their movies.
I'm not sure if this young lady in the picture to the left is laughing or crying. If she is laughing, maybe I should pay her a visit and take care of that lovely backside myself! After some consideration about which site I should join first to give you guys a review, I think I will start with Calstar's page first, only because I am already familiar with Lupus and have seen many of their movies. I don't think I have seen a movie from California Star productions.. other then a few old video clips I found on the newsgroups a long time ago.

So stay tuned for a review coming up for CalStar Spanking within the next week.

Here's another free gallery from Calstar Spanking


November 10/2005

More from the new Lupus Spanking Page

The pictures in this gallery are from a Lupus movie called "Old Janitor's Tales" A very well made film about a janitor talking to friends in a bar about how he used to be in charge of punishing students at a school he worked at in his youth. When it first came out it was one of my favorite spanking movies. Total quality production all the way. And now after taking a quick glance at the new Lupus website, it looks like this movie is included for members. It looks like I am going to have to join this this as well as the new Calstar site for a review.

Watch this site the next couple of weeks.

For now here's another free gallery from Lupus


November 07/2005

More from California Star

I have been browsing through some of the promo material from the new CalStar Spanking site, and I must admit some looks very impressive. I think I will join either the new Lupus site or California Star next week to give you kind folks a review. Yes it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

This girl looks perfect in the picture to the left. That's how I like things for an over the knee spanking. Panties down to the knees.. not completely off, her arms over the other knee and on the floor. A very submissive position. Her bottom is at the perfect angle for what is coming next. More from this new site coming soon.

Here is another free gallery from CalStar Spanking.
Click the picture or this link for 16 pics


November 04/2005

New site from Lupus

If you have never seen a Lupus movie, you have to see at least one before you die. The amount of time and effort these guys put into each movie is simply incredible. To be honest I have no idea how they do it, and still make a profit selling their DVDs. I just don't see how they could have a huge cast, professional sound, lighting and cameras.. with professionals operating them.. and locations and sets that must have cost a pretty penny to acquire as well.

When you watch a movie made by Lupus, you feel like you are watching a movie made by a small independant film company. If they showed one of these on TV, and while you were switching the channels you came across a scene without a spanking, you would swear you were watching a hollywood-type or independant type film.. the quality is really that good.

If you ever wanted to see a Lupus film but didn't want a DVD sent to you in the mail, your prayers have been answered. Now you can watch some of the videos at home on your computer from the new website.

More about the new Lupus site later..
For now enjoy this free gallery


November 01/2005

New Spanking Sites!

Well I hope everyone had a happy halloween and got a chance to spank someone. If not don't feel sad.. there is always next year!

So with a brand new month, I thought I would spend a little time letting you all in on a few pieces of industry related news. There are two brand spanking new sites that have recently launched: Cal-Star Spanking and Lupus Spanking. If you are familiar with corporal punishment vhs and dvds you have probably heard of both companies before. California Star has been making movies since the 80's (I am taking a guess, by looking at the hair styles in some of their older videos), and Lupus is the newer kid on the block that blew everyone away with their stunning hollywood-like quality. Both companies only sold movies by mail in the past.. until now.

So this month I thought it would be a good idea to showcase these two sites, and hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to give you an honest review of both of them.

Lets start the ball rolling with a free gallery from Cal-Star..
Click here or the picture above to go to the gallery

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