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June 19/2005

Lisa Movies..

I just came back from an unexpected but greatly needed vacation, and now I'm going to try to make up for all the missed updates! So we will use Lisa's red bottom (shown left) as a marker and move backwards in time until June 3/2005 which was the last update. Ha ha.. follow me? Here are 4 new movies from Girls Boarding School. They are in windows media player format so they should play on most people's computers that use the windows operating system. Once you are on the next page you can click any of the pictures to play that video clip, or if you have a slower connection you might want to right click each picture and do a "save target as".
I'll be back later today after going to the pub with me father for Father's Day , and I'll try to put up a few more updates.

Click here to go to Lisa's Movie page..

June 17/2005

Sorority Paddle..

And they say those sorority paddles are just for show and are made by the little sister to be given to the big sister. Well, little sis has been bad! Although this one is obviously posed, it ranks a 10 on the cute scale. I have a weakness for asian women.. especially when they are in a position like the one above. The only mistake I see here is that the skirt should have been flipped up for better aim of the target.

Click here to enlarge picture..

June 14/2005

Girls will be girls..

These two just can't behave like adults while around the belt rack at the local department store. I'm willing to bet both have been on the receiving end of the belt more then once. That technique is just a little too perfect to me. I wonder if the security cameras picked up this scene and if they kept it to play back at the anual Christmas party.

Click picture to enlarge..

June 11/2005

Paddled at the bar

Now this is the second picture I have found of a special paddle at a bar. The first can be found at this page at my other site The Spanking News. Maybe they keep these paddles handy for birthday parties, and for the mandatory birthday spanking. Or then again maybe they keep them handy in case a young lady has got out of line, and needs some public punishment. Either way I hope to see more of this at my local pub.

Click picture to enlarge..

June 09/2005

Dorthy spanked by the Wicked Witch!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Halloween brings out the spanking in everyone! Dress up a school teacher (or nun) and walk around with a cane at the next party you go to, and you will be amazed at how many lovely women will bend over for you without even being asked. It's like they become hypnotized and turn into a different person while wearing a costume. So next halloween lets all make a group effort and everyone dress up like a teacher.. or women that want to be spanked can dress up as a schoolgirl.. and report back to me. Try to take pictures too! ;-)

Click picture to enlarge..

June 07/2005

A birthday spanking done the right way.

In my travels I sometimes find the occasional birthday spanking picture, but they usually just show someone half bending over while someone has their hand raised. This is the way all birthday spankings should be done.. with the exception of couples where the pants must come down. In this scene it looks like the couldn't wait to finish their cake before getting down to business.
Click picture to enlarge..

June 05/2005

Ummm... yea

Do I really need to comment on this one?

Click picture to enlarge..

June 03/2005

A quick story..

I once knew a girl that would receive the cane from her parents on a very regular basis. Before I go on, this girl was NOT into spanking, and the topic came up while we were discussing something completely different. It appears I have mastered a way of talking about spanking with your average person without making it seem like I am asking sexual questions. You don't just come out and ask a girl if she has ever been spanked!

In this case the topic was about school, which turned to mean teachers, which progressed to punishment from these mean teachers, and then finally punishment at home. The girl went into great detail about how her mother in particular, would use the cane on her and her older sister during their mid to late teens.

I sat with eyes wide listening to this young lady's every word as she described how she would be instructed to lower her jeans and panties and bend over the kitchen table to await her punishment. I didn't have to prod her for specifics as she went on to say her mother would first lecture her about her misdeeds and then the cane would come down across her bare bottom. The lecture would continue with each point punctuated with another stroke of the cane, and then another. She told me there was never a set limit on how many strokes she or her sister would receive while bent over the table. "Six?" I asked. "Oh no, it would be a minimum of a dozen." she replied.
If she only knew that her describing being bent over and caned on the bare bottom, was the equivelent of two strangers casually talking about the lewdest of sex acts!
Here's a gallery from Real Spankings Institute that reminded me of her story..

May 29/2005

Get a grip..

While taking a quick break with the catching up I've been doing with the updates, I just stumbled across this site that has some pretty serious looking paddles at incredible prices. The workmanship looks excellent and they have a nice selection of exotic woods to choose from. So if your in the market for something like this, you might want to check them out. Now I better get back to work... I'm in the process of looking for a nice movie clip to put up ;-)

May 29/2005

Meet Kailee..

Kailee (Real Spankings & Real Spanking Institute) is another one of those girls that makes my heart go into convulsions simply by staring at her face. Just look at those beautiful eyes and that smile.. with a killer body to match. If I met her in person I would want to throw her over my shoulder and take her home... and then throw her over my knee! But wait.. don't let that sweet and innocent look fool you! I've seen this young lady in action before, and at times she can be one mean biach! Although Kailee sometimes finds herself on the receiving end of a good hard spanking, more times then not she if often the one dishing it out. And she has a strong arm!

Here she is getting the paddle and cane.
Kalee & Michelle from Real Spankings and RS Institute. (16 pictures)

May 29/2005

Where was I this time?

Well, you just knew it was too good to be true when I started updating a lot after all the computer problems I had recently. And with those problems solved, I thought it was clear sailing..I was wrong. One night I was having some soup that was a little too hot, O.K maybe it was way too hot. So instictively I reached for a glass of cold water to douse the flames. First mistake!
You see, when you pour something cold on something hot problems can arise. In fact you can even crack an engine block with such an act of stupidity. So it will come as no surprise that when I drank the cool water I heard a pop inside my mouth. "That's odd" I thought to myself but didn't think much more of it... Second mistake!

To make a long story short I cracked the back of the last molar. And since the crack was in the back I had no idea it was cracked. Within a couple days it began throbbing, and the pain quickly made it's way up the side of my face and down my neck to my shoulders. The pain coming from the area I could handle, but the fact it was traveling down my neck was impossible to ignore. Headaches quickly followed because my neck muscles tensed up restricting bloodflow to my brain, and even taking extra strength Advil did very little to help. Any relief only lasted a short time, and it was impossible to sleep for more then a few hours.

Third mistake. At the begining when I first started feeling pain I didn't think much of it, and did what most guys would do..hope the problem goes away in the morning! It didn't take long to figure out the pain was getting worse, and I finally did the smart thing and went to a dentist. I hate dentists!

It came as no surprise that the tooth had to be pulled as it had cracked down the center, causing the root to become infected making it impossible to save. After the tooth was pulled I had to be very carefull not to disturb the hole left behind so it could heal, and after reading about the painfull concequenses of not heeding the Doctors advice (dry socket) I took it really easy for the last week.

So the moral of this story. If you put something hot in your mouth, suffer for a few seconds or spit it out. Don't drink cold water! And at the first sign of pain coming from a tooth, see a dentist right away! Don't drag your feet like I did. You will be very sorry.

Anyways, it looks like I have some catching up to do with updates! Stay tuned, as you are reading this I am working on throwing up a whole bunch of stuff at and today and over the next few days.

For now, the painfull picture above reminded me of the pain I was feeling the last few weeks (although not the same area), so I thought I it would be perfect to start things off...
Enjoy this free gallery from Real Spankings. (16 pictures)

May 13/2005

Stripes of the cane..

And it looks like more stripes are to come. The chap laying on the strokes has pretty good aim, don't ya think? Perfectly placed from top to bottom.. no pun intended of course.

On another note, I'll be putting up a few new video clips this weekend at this site, and at The Spanking News so check back in.
For now enjoy this gallery from Sit Spanking.

May 05/2005

Older Photography
Part 2

I like this shot. Perfect position, the bottom bare and the hand high ready to strike. I'm not sure what happened to the spankers top.. maybe buttons were poor quality in the old days.

Anyways, here's part two of the Spanking in Older Photography series. Should I do a part 3 later? I just might.
Check out this gallery for some classic older pictures.

May 01/2005

Brandi's been bad!

This young lass is definitely no stranger to going over a knee. Yet part of me wonders if I would ever have the heart to spank such an innocent looking girl, with such a painfull instrument. The hairbrush. After brief consideration... Yes I would spank her! But it would be purely for her own good, and only to teach her the proper lesson I am sure she deserves. For those of you who have never seen Brandi (from SpankingTeenBrandi) before, she wins the prize for facial expressions!
Click here to see a picture gallery of Brandi earning a good blistering.

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