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May- August 2006 Edition        

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August 06/2006

Caning little bottoms

It is always interesting to see the effect of the cane on smaller, petite bottoms. The first thing I notice is the sound. The cane tends to make a more "snappier" sound when it strikes a little bottom compared to a slightly bigger one. Also there is slightly less jiggle when the cane lands across the backside of a skinny girl compared to an average size woman. I know everyone has a preference when it comes to this sort of thing, and I have received many letters here and at The Spanking News from visitors asking what websites have videos of very small and skinny women being spanked. Well, Spanked Cutie definitely has what your looking for. Click the picture above to watch some promotion clips and you can visit or join the site by clicking on the links on that page. In the coming days I will list more sites that have smaller girls getting disciplined.. stay tuned!
Click here to watch some videos of the above scene


August 05/2006

Spanking in the Movies -Gojitmal Part 2

Here is the second part from the movie Gojitmal or "Lies". If you haven't watched the other part first, it doesn't really matter as they are separate scenes anyways and don't tie into each other. Here we have our novice couple anxiously opening a package that contains a whole bunch of canes.. and I am not talking about candy canes. And of course these canes need to be tested immediately to make sure they are not defective!

To watch this clip, just click on the picture above and it will load and play on this page


August 05/2006

Spanking in the Movies -Gojitmal Part 1

Another installment for our Spanking in the Movies series. There is actually two nice scenes in this movie, so I will make another entry for the second part.. although it doesn't really matter the order you watch them. This movie is called Gojitmal or "Lies" in the USA, and is a South Korean production. Although it is a low budget film, the action looks very real and I don't think it was faked. It is a story about a consensual BDSM relationship between an 18-year-old student and a 38-year-old sculptor. I have to say I love the sounds this woman makes while she is being spanked. You will see what I mean when you watch this clip. Enjoy!

To play it, just click on the picture above and it will load and play on this page.


August 03/2006

Bikini Spanking

Both of these young ladies need to have their bikini bottoms yanked down and take a trip over the knee for their naughty behaviour in public. I am willing to bet such an action would be greeted with applause from the other beach patrons and teach these two a good lesson. The beach is not the place for girls to misbehave like this. But if a punishment is to be administered, I am a firm believer that it should be done in public for all to see.. and as a reminder to other young ladies present that they will suffer the same fate if they should ever get out of line anywhere, at anytime. They are cute though, huh?
Click the pic to enlarge


August 01/2006

Spanking in the Movies -Hotte im Paradies

Time to mix things up and show something a little different. Spanking from non porn movies. There is nothing like watching a spanking filmed by a big production company. The only trade-off is that they are usually mild compared to what you would normally find in a pornographic film, or a video clips from pay websites. The film above is a German production called Hotte im Paradies, and I believe it is a story about the life of a pimp. In this scene he violently spanks one of his girls right in the middle of a restaurant if you can believe it. For those of you that like to see women spanked in front of a witness..or many for that matter, you should enjoy this clip. To play it, just click on the picture above and it will load and play on this page.


July 30/2006

Lisa's spankable bottom.. getting spanked!

As I have mentioned before, Lisa from Girls Boarding School is one of my favorite girls I like to see spanked. She has a bottom that is just so adorable some would probably hesitate in raising a hand to it. Not me of course.. but some. In these series of videos, you will see a very large and mean looking strap being used. You may wish to lower the volume on your speakers before watching because the strap makes a very loud noise when striking poor Lisa's bare bottom.
Click here for 4 free videos courtesy of Girls Boarding School

July 26/2006

Lets have a party!

Yup, I've said it before and I'll say it again.. invite some lovely ladies over for a party, supply a little beer, and women that previously would have laughed at the thought of you spanking them, will practically throw them self over your knee at the first mention of the word. See example above. Doesn't this lady look hot or what? With that dress and fancy high heeled shoes. Sure this picture would be perfect if the fancy dress went up, and fancy panties were pulled down, but for now we will just have to live with this wonderful shot.

July 21/2006

Lovely presentation

A lovely presentation of a good OTK spanking. Perfect position, nice angle, red glow starting to appear. Yes, well done indeed. Nothing bothers me more then when a producer has the perfect setting, the perfect model, good quality cameras, and then the actual spanking is either weak, filmed at a bad angles,out of focus, too much sunlight, or some other stupid problem that could have been easily avoided by just a little common sense. I am happy to report that is not the case here. Click on the picture to see four preview clips from Sit Spanking. The first video shows a man spanking with excellent form, the second is good as well, but the woman just needs to work a little on the delivery. Still a prime example of some good spanking.


July 18/2006

Wrong hand

Remember folks, when putting someone over your knee, be sure to take into account if you are right or left handed. It appears the young lady in the picture to the left is right handed, so she should have put her friend over her lap from the other side. Yes, I know I am being picky but it really does make a difference. It is easier on your arm, and a greater distribution of force can be applied to the appropriate area if you follow this simple rule: If you are right handed the girl goes over your knee from the right. If you are left handed the girl goes over your knee from the left. Take notes because we may have a quiz later.


July 13/2006

Learning a valuable lesson

The stripes from this cane almost appear painted on, but I can assure you they are not. This still is from another fine video available from the Girls Boarding School site. On a side note, check out that cool TV in the background when you watch these free clips (preview number 3). And I must say, Tom the man in this video, has excellent aim don't you think? The cane takes some time to master, and he is certainly at the point where he could teach classes on the subject.
Click the picture to see some nice preview clips from Girls Boarding School

July 10/2006

Birthday paddling

When it's your birthday at this pub, it looks like they stand you up on top of the bar, and paddle you in front of everyone. Nice! And to add a little more excitement to the situation, the woman who is spanking blows a whistle with each smack. You can see here more clearly in this shot. I think it should be standard procedure to spank women at pubs on their birthday, but I also think that the patrons of the bar should also be allowed to participate. One person shouldn't hog all the fun.
Pic 1 (larger shot of above) Pic 2


July 08/2006

Wooden Spoon

Here is something interesting I thought you folks would enjoy. This is a video from a short musical/play that is basically about a girl getting a good spanking with a wooden spoon. The whole thing is a little strange with the music band in the background, but I found it to be very interesting. This video is on the site youtube, so the simple instructions for watching it is to just click the picture above and let the youtube page load, but pause the video. Since this video is a large file size, if you pause the video it will give it time to completely load and spare you problems of the video stopping and starting. Once you see the status bar get close to the end, click the play button and the vid should be fine.


July 06/2006

Strapped over the knee

This is someone you don't see too often. A strapping over the knee. For some reason I have always had a fascination with this, yet unfortunately websites usually don't show what I am looking for. They either have the girl bend over for the strap or belt, or they use some weird type of paddle strap. This woman is using what appears to be a tawse. And although my favorite is to see a belt being used over the knee, this also works for me! These videos are brought to you by the fine people from Spanked Cutie. enjoy
Click here to watch 4 videos from Spanked Cutie


July 03/2006

Hot for teacher

This young lady chose this Halloween costume and the yard stick prop for one reason, and one reason only. To dish out spankings!

Notice that devilish look on her face? I wonder how many people she was able to spank on that fun night?




June 26/2006

Another great OTK

Another great over the knee spanking. This guy is a great spanker in my opinion. He is not afraid to hold back and always delivers a good crisp smack with either his hand, strap or cane. These videos are from a great site called Sit Spanking and I have been a member more then once. Nice quality stuff, and I highly recommend them if you are looking to join a new site for some new and interesting material.
Click here to watch some free clips from Sit Spanking


June 22/2006

Slave girl

I am not sure exactly what is going on here, but I like what I see! These women seem to be dressed in some type of belly dancing or traditional outfits, and I guess one of them has been very bad. Notice the belt in hand? There is something about a slave type outfit that I just love.

I think every couple should keep such a costume in the bedroom. What's wrong with a little playtime every now and then? I wish I had more pictures of this scene but unfortunately that's it folks.


June 19/2006

Another perfect bottom

I have no idea where Girls Boarding School finds all these beautiful women with these perfect bottoms. Watch these free videos and check out the roundness and lovely shape of this girl's fanny and try to tell me she is not stunningly hot. But the question is where do they find them? I asked Tom from GBS years ago, and he wouldn't give me an answer. He sort of made it seem like it was just luck that these lovely ladies walk through his door on a daily basis. One of these days I am going to take a plane to the secret island location of Girls Boarding School and find out for myself. I will keep you all informed.


June 16/2006

Bongo spanking

Will someone please slap this guy! Those are not bongos you fool, that is a beautiful woman over your lap, and she is expecting a spanking, not a music lesson.

Yup, this is a prime example of the perfect opportunity that was just wasted. How many people that view this site, that would have loved to be in his position please raise your hands. Hmm.. let me count.. 1,2, 3.. Ok we will round it out to a million. Now how many people would do something stupid like this? Yup, don't see any hands so I guess it's not just me.

Oh the humanity!


June 13/2006

Riding crop = ouch!

Ladies, always obey the captain of a ship or this could happen to you. I like the theme of these set of videos from Sit Spanking. The women are mates of a ship, and have given reason for the captain to punish them.. first a good hand spanking, followed by the tawse, cane, and finally the riding crop.

A pleasant change from the other usual themes, and some great action as well. Click the picture above for some free preview clips from Sit Spanking.


June 11/2006

That will teach her

I bet this daughter thought she was too old for a spanking.. well she thought wrong! This looks like the same tourist trap punishment cross that I showed back here, although this young lady isn't bound up quite like the one in the last picture. I wonder if they put one of these in a public place.. say in a shopping mall, or amusement park .. what would happen. I bet if you set up a hidden camera close by you would see dozens of people climbing on the thing to get spanked by friends or family. Imagine walking by and someone stops you and says, "Excuse me, can you take a picture of me paddling my wife on this punishment cross thing?" I would agree if I was able to give her a few whacks myself.


June 09/2006

More great caning from GBS

Here is a set of videos featuring Jenny and Linda from Girls Boarding School. A double caning of two lovely young ladies. Linda looks so cute in her pink shorts that it is almost a shame that she has to take them down. Jenny, the girl in blue, is a real squirmer when it comes to a spanking or caning and always has trouble staying still.

Enjoy these preview video clips from Girls Boarding School.


June 06/2006

Straight to the point

This boat owner has no problem telling the world his or her wishes. I am sure they must get a lot of chuckles around the marina and at sea.



June 03/2006

Perfectly placed stripes

These stripes look so perfectly placed, it almost seems like they must have been administered by some type of robot with laser guided vision. And by the way, that is one firm hiney this girl has. Watch the videos and you will notice it barely moves from the impact of the cane. The cane just sort of bounces off it. The following great videos are brought to you by Spanked Cutie.

Click here for some nice promo videos from them.



June 01/2006

So cute

I know this is simply a posed picture, and I doubt the girl bending over is actually getting spanked, but don't they look so cute? And what a naughty costume the bunny eared girl on the right chose to wear that evening. To me, spanking is a privilege and not a right. I woman must earn a spanking, and if you ask me I think both of these young ladies have earned a good long hard spanking over the knee. Not for being bad, but for looking so sexy.


May 31/2006

More great GBS

I just joined the Girls Boarding School site recently to catch up on things and download all the new videos i've missed, and I must say this site is still excellent even after the many years it has been around. Some spanking sites get boring after awhile because they fail to come up with any new ideas, or constantly use the same people in the same rooms, but I have never grown tired of Girls Boarding School. They always keep things new and interesting. For those of you who have never joined a spanking pay site before, I would highly recommend Girls Boarding School as one of your first stops. The amount of pictures and movies and especially the quality of such is simply mind blowing. Click the picture above for some free promo clips from them.


May 28/2006

Halloween fun

This picture is a little blurry, but I wanted to put it up anyways to show the fun one can have on Halloween. Yes I've said it many times in the past.. you can get away with so much on this special day, so take advantage of it. New visitors to this site should check out the special Halloween edition which ran last October. Hmm.. I just realized something.. Halloween is only 3 months away! How time flies! For all of you who want to wear a spank friendly costume this year, it is never too early to start planning!

May 25/2006

Caned in front of a mirror

I think caning a young lady in front of a mirror is a great idea. She immediately is able to witness her own reaction as the cane strikes painfully across her bare bottom. This may help with the shame aspect of a spanking, as I am sure the humiliation must also increase to some degree. And yes ladies, humiliation is part of the punishment although we all know you hate it. The same applies with lowering your panties for a spanking. Even though they don't provide much protection at all, it is simply part of the punishment so you will learn a good, loving, lesson.
Here's some free videos from spanked cutie


May 22/2006

B&W Halloween

This is one of the best Halloween spanking pictures I have ever seen, although it's a pity it is in black and white. I love the position, the onlookers, the spanker's bare legs, and this priceless moment being captured while her hand is raised. But lets take a look at the people in the background for a moment, shall we?

Notice some people are completely unmoved by the event, one man is laughing, others have a slight smile, but the little devil to the left has sort of an embarrassed look on her sweet face. I wonder what is going through her mind at this time. Call me crazy, but I think she wishes that she was over the woman's knee, yet she is too shy to even consider doing so in front of such a large group of people. Remember ladies, Halloween is the perfect time to be whoever you want, and act in a way that you normally would not act. Don't be shy, have fun!


May 19/2006

OTK action

I think I have said it before, but I like the way this older fellow spanks. In a firm, steady pace just like a well oiled machine. He doesn't stop every 5 seconds to grope the girl's bottom like I have seen countless times in the past and especially when it's an older man spanking a young girl. To me that just ruins the spanking, and I simply can not watch a video when I am annoyed. Hey, if you haven't had a beautiful woman over your lap in a long time, I can completely understand you wanting to get the most out of the experience. All I ask is to do the groping on your own time..NOT ON CAMERA. Eh hem.. sorry for the outburst, and I am happy to say that is not the case with this fellow from the great site, Sit Spanking.
Watch some free clips of some great spanking action


May 17/2006

Spanking booth

I have never been lucky enough to ever encounter a spanking booth in my days. I've seen kissing booths, dunking booths, and other sort of games but never a spanking booth. I have often asked myself the question that if I did happen to come across a spanking booth with a beautiful young lady offering herself to spank, how would I react. I mean I would spank her of course, but how much would I end up spending in the end? And I think I would politely ask if I could spank her over my knee (perhaps with the offer of a few more dollars) compared to the standard bending over position that you constantly see in pictures featuring these booths. If any readers happen to find a spanking booth in your travels, please take pictures! And try asking for her to go over your knee to see what she says!


May 14/2006

Bottoms up

This is a nice caning. If girls were ever caned by their mothers in the old days (60's & 70's) I would imagine it would look something like this. I love realistic type punishments compared to having a young lady strip completely nude and get into some weird position or using a strange bondage style of flogger. To me, it is much more realistic to have a girl lower her pants, be punished and then pull up her pants. Call me old fashioned, but that's the way I like to see it done. I also enjoy a nice snap of the cane using more wrist action compared to a full stiff swing.
Take a look at these videos from Spanked Cutie to witness a great caning.


May 12/2006

The last spanking

This is an important moment in this woman's life. Her days of receiving spankings from single men are most likely over unless she has a very understanding husband. The picture to the left is from a bachlorette party or stagette.. which is a female version of a stag held for men in case anyone is wondering. And just like us guys have strippers at our stags, women do the same damn thing so don't believe them if they tell you different. Here we see the male stripper spanking this bride to be one last time before she is wed, and then the duty of discipline is passed on to the husband.. such a touching scene ;-)


May 09/2006

Birthday Spanking video

Hey here's something different. Normally birthday spankings are confined to photographs, but I stumbled across this little gem recently so I thought I would share it with you folks. This is an actual video of a real birthday spanking, so lets all count and wish this young lady a happy 21st birthday. Oh yea, unfortunately the spanking is already in progress so the video starts at swat number 14, but beggars can't be choosers.. right? And one last thing.. this video is located on daily motion.. which is something like youtube or google video so just click the picture above and the video should start playing on the page you are brought to..


May 05/2006

Good tanning

I bet this isn't the type of tanning this girl thought she was going to get when she decided to go to the beach. Remember ladies, bratty behavior will not be tolerated at any time. You might think just because you are out in public you will be spared a spanking until you reach home. Wrong! I bet this young lady in the picture thought the same thing, but now her behind will soon match the color of her bikini.


May 02/2006

Spanking tunnel

A yes, the spanking tunnel. This picture brings back a lot of memories for me as this type of game was the first time I ever spanked a girl when I was a young lad. In case some of you are wondering, the spanking tunnel (sometimes called the spanking machine) usually happens at some sort of an event, like a game or party. The loser/s (note there can be more than 1) have to crawl through the legs of the winning team to be spanked. Sort of like the prize for losing a bet, if you know what I mean. So rest assured, this is not some kind of cruel act. The woman in white is being spanked for a reason.. she lost and must now accept the consequences.

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