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March 31/2005

Kiss Me Kate

It seems that a week rarely goes by where I don't find another picture from this famous musical production. Yes this musical actually has a spanking in it. So if you happen to watch it on TV or live in a theatre, your are guaranteed to see a young lady spanked before your very eyes.
One can't help to notice the way they usually market this production. Many times you will see a picture like this one above, on the cover of the movie or used in posters and promotional material at the theatre. Do they think the image of a lady in this position will help sales? I think the answer is.. yes!
More Kiss Me Kate here

March 29/2005


Sometimes it is just as sexy seeing a woman spanked fully clothed as it is to see her undressed. This picture is a good example of that. Note the slender legs, excellent facial expression and that beautiful derrier.
I love looking at a scene where a lady is elegantly dressed while receiving a spanking. Probably because it seems like it is less planned out in advance, and to me appears more realistic.
Click here for a nice gallery related to this theme.

March 24/2005


Even female wrestlers need to be taught a good lesson from time to time. And in this case the pants (or shorts) had to come down to make sure the lesson is learned. Unlike movies, wrestling has become better over the years.
When I was a kid watching this stuff on the tube, we were never treated to something like this. I think if I was, I certainly would have been a bigger fan. With the way things are going, I think it's only a matter of time before we see some real bare bottom action. Maybe it will only be on pay per view, but the time is coming folks. Mark my words!
Here's some interesting wrestling pictures.



March 20/2005

Suddenly it's Spring!

Yes, the first day of spring. And it's about time! I don't know about you guys but I was beginning to get delusional.
Old movies, like the poster to the right used to have some great over the knee action in them.
I guess it wasn't considered a big deal back then to show a scene like that. I think we should all write to the big movie companies and demand a change back to the good old days. Seriously, what have they given us lately? The movie Secretary was a good start, but we want more.
Here's a gallery of spanking in the movies from years gone by.


March 17/2005

Lisa meets the cane

This is Lisa from Girls Boarding School. She has such a beautiful face that I thought I would share that with you first, and then her lovely bottom second. In my opinion she is one of the hottest to ever grace the pages of GBS. Want to see more? Click her lovely pic to go to the gallery page
See more of Lisa pictures here




March 12/2005

Principal's Paddle

Here's a neat item that I found for sale on Ebay one day. It's a school Principal's paddle, and as you can see it shows sign of a little bit of wear. At first I wondered why it was for sale, as it still looks like it has many good years left. But on closer examination I think I found the answer. There is no more room left for students to sign their name!
Click here to see more paddles.




March 09/2005

Jodie goes Over the knee

What a perfect example of a good old fashioned, over the knee spanking. The pants are already down, and it looks the panties will be joining them. Poor Jodie is not having a very good day, and by looking at the shade of red on her bottom she will not forget this lesson very soon. To see how this punishment unfolds, click the picture and have a look at the free gallery.
Click here to go to the gallery page.


March 04/2005

Quick News

Here's an interesting news clips you might find interesting. You don't see this stuff in the daily newspapers like you used to.

Click the picture or link to find out what this bad girl did to deserve a trip over the knee.
Click here for the picture and full story.


March 01/2005

Free Spanking

I thought I would start off the month with some fresh new spanking pictures. But first, what do you think about the young lady holding that red paddle? Do we get to tan her little behind, or is she offering to whack you?

I guess we will never know unless we happen to bump into her at a bar one night. Ah ha! Here's a possible clue. Notice the beads around her neck? And notice the beads around the gentlemans's neck behind her? Yes.. Mardi Gras! In New Orleans! Now all that is left to be done is for one brave soul to make the trip, search every bar, and report back to all of us. Surely she will be there again. After a quick check I see the next Mardi Gras is February 28th 2006. Damn that's a year away! Oh well, at least that will give me some time to save up my pennys.
Enough of my ramblings.
Here's some spanking pictures.

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