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August 31/2005

Skirt up for the paddle..

I hope she knows these people that are spanking her pantied bottom. Maybe this is another one of those new crazes from Japan, like the Japanese panty pulling assaults I heard about a while ago. Although I think I read later that supposedly the video was staged, but it looked pretty real to me. Not that I condone such behaviour of course. It is not only wrong, it will land you in jail as well. Only spank people you know will not press charges!
Click here to enlarge the above picture (slightly). Sorry it was this small when I found it.

Aug 28/2005

Feet apart..

You know something? I can't decide if I like to see a girl caned with her feet apart like in the picture to the left, or the feet together. Both are sexy, but I suppose it really depends on the girl. Lets face it, most women look great bending over regardless of how their feet are positioned. I think it is just the way nature intended them to be. How I pitty the men who just love a woman's breasts, and not so much her bottom. To me there is no finer piece of art in the world.
Click here for some free movies from Girls Boarding School.

Aug 25/2005

Over the knee..

Or over the crossed knee is more like it. This looks like a fun birthday spanking with the person behind the camera directing the action. With those low riding jeans women seem to be wearing a lot these days, I'm sure it wouldn't take much effort to take them down and give her a birthday spanking that she will remember for years to come. After all, what are friends for?
Click the picture for a larger view..

Aug 22/2005

Panties down OTK..

Yes ladies, I know you hate it, but as I have mentioned in the past it is really for your own good. You see, your bottom must be bared for a number of very important reasons. First off, we don't have to spank you as hard for the desired effect compared to if your panties were up. Second, we use the redness of your bottom as a scale for how long to spank. Sort of like how women use those cooking thermometers when baking a turkey. After all we are not psychic or have special powers! So trust us, the panties must always come down for your own good.. we gain no extra pleasure from this duty at all. Honest ;-)
Click here to vist the move clip page..

Aug 20/2005


Not sure what this girl did wrong, but I'm willing to bet she deserves that paddling for some sort of misdeed. Position wise, I would have her bending over just a little further, though that is just my personal opinion. Ping pong paddles (or I believe the term is "table tennis bat" in the UK) are perfect for delivering a good paddling, and produce a nice crisp smack when striking the bottom. Much more painful then a bare hand, and should only be used for the more serious instances of bratty behaviour.
Click here for a larger view..

August 17/2005

Red bottom girl..

Some bottoms turn red much faster then other bottoms. I have heard this has to do with how many times a woman has been spanked before, but I think there are some girls that turn red quickly regardless. I bet she won't want to take a walk on the beach wearing a thong after this punishment. Then again, it might serve as a good deterrent and a reminder to other young ladies on the beach that they better behave, or face the same embarrasing (and painful) fate.
Click here to vist the move clip page for Girls Boarding School..

August 13/2005

Another Birthday Spanking..

This girl is being spanked by a train conductor because it is her birthday. Supposedly she asked almost everyone she came across to spank her that day. I never have luck like that! Maybe I should start hanging around trains more often.. or walk around with a sign that reads:
"Is it your birthday?
Today Only..
Free Spankings!"
Not sure if I would be breaking any laws.. let me run it by my lawyer first.
Click here to see the bigger picture..

Aug 09/2005

Kitchen caning..

A lot of punishments seem to be given in the kitchen. Maybe it's because the kitchen has many usefull items that can assist in dishing out (pardon the pun) a good spanking. It has a table that is perfect for bending over for the cane or paddle. The chairs are perfect for over the knee spanking. In the drawers, wooden spoons, spatulas, or even bread boards are not far away. Yes, the perfect place indeed!
Click here to vist the Spanked Cutie move clip page..

August 06/2005

Paddled on the phone..

I wonder if they made that paddle to spank the girl whenever she is on the phone too long. Heavy cell phone users should face mandatory paddling when they use their phones in places like movie theatres, grocery check out lines, the bus, etc. A few good cracks of the paddle would do wonders to curb this ever growing problem. And it would make the people they piss off feel better at the same time.
Click here for a larger pic..

August 03/2005

Alex over the knee..

This is lovely Alex from Real Spankings getting her first spanking (from them) for a punishment profile. I might have mentioned before that Real Spanking has a section on their site where they interview a young lady, talk about things like if she was ever spanked before as a kid, etc and other details and then they proceed to spank her. That section used to be my favorite part of that site, but now a new section they have called "Spanking Test" has stolen my heart. The spanking test section is where they give a more severe spanking for a certain amount of time. If you've been to other sites, and it drives you crazy when the spanker spanks the girl 5 times and then stops and gives a half assed lecture, and then he continues only to stop yet again to open his big mouth, you will love the Real Spankings site, and especially the "Test" and punishment profile section. Spanking without stopping until the job is done!
Click here for a free gallery from Real Spankings..

August 01/2005

Towel whipping..

A nice girl in a bikini and a wet towel.. you just know what has to happen. Just too temping especially when she has her back towards you. Towel snapping is a technique that takes a lot of practice to get a good snap. Properly executed, you will be rewarded with a high pitched yelp, followed by a look that can be instantly translated into one word.. "RUN!"
Click for a larger picture of this towel snapping scene..

July 30/2005

Brown sugar..

There seems to be a shortage of hot black girls getting spanked. Many black girls have lovely firm, full behinds, that look great either over the knee or bending over. Why are they so hard to find at spanking sites? Real Spankings probably has the biggest selection in this department with 4 or 5 girls if my memory is correct. Dallas at Dallas Spanks Hard spanked a pretty black girl as well ( a real squirmer). And other then that I think Girls Boarding School has a couple. I think I am not alone when I say, "We want more black chicks getting spanked!
Click here for a free gallery from Real Spankings

July 25/2005

Nice pose..

I know this is just a pose and a very bad example on not only how to deliver a spanking, but even how to deliver a swat. Do you notice that women just love to ham it up for the camera? But lets face it, it's a cute picture and these girls are hot in that pose. My mind is racing through a 100 other poses, and I'm sure you can think of a few yourself.
Click here for a bigger view of this..

July 21/2005

Over the knees..

5 knees to be exact. Yup, mix a birthday, a bunch of beer and booze, and a birthday spanking is a sure thing. If you're ever at a party for a chick, and no one has spanked the birthday girl yet, go up to the drunkest girl you can find and say something like, "Hey, have they given the birthday girl her spanking yet?" And then sit back and watch how the drunken girl's eyes open up wide and she screams in your ear, "Hey your right!!" and runs over and basically tackles the poor unsuspecting birthday girl to the ground, and calls others over to administer the smacks.
Be patient my young Jedi! Don't let yourself be caught up in this mob of hands flying all over the place. None of these people will know what the hell they are doing, and it's not the right time to teach them. After the spanking is over, the birthday girl will be worn out like she just had sex for 3 hours and probably have a nice warm glow on her cheeks (face & bottom). Now since she is all worn out from the previous fight, that is when you approuch and tell her you missed out on the birthday spanking festivities, and that this can be done the easy way or hard way. From past experience she will usually choose the easy way. Take her by the hand to a place where those drunken slobs can't bother you. Try the kitchen or spare bedroom if there are not too many people in there. Place her over her knee.. normally she wouldn't allow this, but remember her fight is gone.. and give her a proper loving birthday spanking the way it should be done. If she likes you, maybe you can get away with something like this. But if not, just settle for the normal birthday spanking. Let me know if my tips help any of you.
Click here for a bigger view of this pic..

July 17/2005

4 Movie Clips 4 You..

Here's some more movie clips featuring that blonde girl four updates back. As you can see, she really puts in a great deal of effort when she's spanking someone.. and not being spanked herself. Probably getting all of her frustrations out. On a side note, this is exactly the way I like to see a spanking given. Pants and panties taken down to the KNEES.. not taken off completely, and not just lowered below the bottom. When they are brought all the way down to the knees it shows you mean business, and get comfortable young lady because you are going to be here awhile!
Click here to vist the move clip page..

July 14/2005

The real reason for drop seat pajamas..

Let's face it, the real reason for having that flap in the back of these pajamas is for one reason, and one reason only. To quickly bare a bottom for a hand or hairbrush. My suspicions were confirmed when I found the site: Bobbie's DropSeats years ago. They obviously share the same view as mine, and are not afraid to admit it. I wonder if Brandi (above) got her pj's from Bobbie? Alright, enough about the pajamas and back to Brandi... here's a nice gallery of this sexy gal. I would love to have Brandi over my knee, but I think the closest I will ever come will be to Brandy.. is in a glass. Bet you saw that one coming. Come to think of it, I think I will have one right now.. Hiccup!
Click here to go to Brandi's picture gallery (16 pics)

July 10/2005

Swoosh!..(4 movie clips)

Wouldn't it have been cool to witness a real scene like this in high school while growing up? Watching that pretty girl you have a crush on bending over a school desk, her skirt flipped up and panties pulled down to receive... THE CANE. I mean, how would it be possible to concentrate on your school work the rest of the day? And then say the same thing happened the next day, and then the day after that? You would never get any work done and probably end up failing. So in a way, be glad you never witnessed the above on a regular basis, and you can now safely watch this scene in the comfort of your own home. Here's 4 movie clips from this school that you are glad you never attended.

Click here to go to the movie page..

July 06/2005

Jessica is still being bad..

Sweet Jessica is in trouble again. Now how anyone could take a strap to that cute bare bottom is beyond me. Can I see a show of hands on how many people would do the same to this beautiful young lady? Hmmm.. it looks like everyone has their hands up.. including me! Sorry Jessica, it appears like your on your own. And whatever you did to put yourself in such a predicament, I hope you do it again and again!

Click here to go to a Jessica picture gallery (16 pics)

July 02/2005

Over the knee in front of the TV (4 movie clips)..

The look on this girls face says it all. "Why did he have to make up that terrible ryhme for the title?" Hey, I tried! Either way, it looks like she will have to deal with another pain in the ass besides me. Her own. Here are 4 movie clips that showcases this blonde giving or receiving some well deserved discipline. There is even a clip of a riding crop being used! Now that is something you don't see being used much anymore these days, so I found it to be a pleasant change. Click this picture to go to the movie page, and then right click and do a "save target as" on each clip you want to watch.

Click here to go to the movie page..

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