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April 30/2006

A job well done!

As you can see in this picture to the left, a hairbrush is an excellent instrument when it comes to good old fashioned dicipline. One thing I wanted to point out to those of you who may be new to the spanking scene is the position. Note this young woman is over the man's left knee, while his right leg creates a locking mechanism to hold her firmly in place and in the correct position. If you are a spanker and your naughty girl is putting up a fuss while over your knee by squirming or kicking her legs, this should be your method to put a stop to such actions immediately.
Click here to watch 4 videos of this punishment from Girls Boarding School


April 27/2006

spanking boothSpank her for $2

It is so nice to see everyone do their part when it comes to charity. But I can't believe this woman is just sitting there! No one at the moment wants to spank this pretty young lady for the low price of $2.00? I don't blame her of course, but what is wrong with socirty today? I can only imagine how much money could be raised if all the visitors of this site happened to be at this event. $10,000? $20,000? Yes she would be a little sore by the end of the day, but I am sure it would be for a good cause.


April 24/2006

Sole spank

The leather from an old shoe makes the perfect spanking implement. It's flat, made of stiff slighly flexible leather so it stings like a belt and covers an area like a paddle. So with these specifications it can easily be used over the knee, or with the guilty party bending over. I should mention this item also gives a loud crisp smack when applied to the bare bottom.
Click here for 4 videos featuring different tools of discipline from "Sit Spanking"


April 21/2006

paddled for fun or for real?Getting Paddled

Why is it when a couple girls pose for a picture where one of them is spanking the other, they put their hand over their mouth as if to say, "Oh my!" Sometimes the one getting spanked will do this, but in this case the spanker is haming it up for the camera. If you ask me, I think this is a way of trying to hide the fact that they actually enjoy spanking. I believe the term is closet spankers. I can't help but wonder if behind closed doors either one or both of these young women occasionally take a trip over the knee with her jeans and panties taking down for a good discussion.


April 19/2006

Caning over the sofa

An excellent position if you ask me. When a woman is being caned, it is very important to have her in the proper position. This is no joke! Sometimes I watch videos where the bad girl is simply told to bend over. This can be effective, but it really depends on the girl in question. Some bend over and grab their ankles and remain in this submissive pose, while others only bend over slightly with their hands either hanging down or resting on her knees. It is the latter that should concern you while caning a young lady. If they are the fidgety type when bent over, it might be best to put them over a sofa (like above) or bent over a chair with BOTH their hands gripped to the seat of the chair. The reason is simple. If a girl will not or can not bend over and grab her ankles, or her hands are constanly flying to her bottom after every stroke of the cane, you could accidently strike her hands or the cane could land painfully accross her back or lower legs if she suddenly moves. The chances of her moving depend greatly on the position, and if she is bent right over a chair or sofa, it is more difficult for her to change her position suddenly. Please keep this in mind and remember, it is your responsibility for the woman's punishment and safety.
Here's some nice videos from California Star Productions


April 17/2006

Punishment cross

I've seen a few pictures with people on this bench before.. which I think is part of a tour of a Cultural Village in South Korea.. but this picture is my favorite featuring these two curious girls. Of course we all know the traditional punishment was given on the bare fanny and not over jeans, but this is still a cute reenactment. This cross was used to punish criminals and sadly is not in use today, but if you happen to be in South Korea in the near future, drop by this exhibit and ask for an "authentic " paddling from one of the locals.
As always, click the pic to enlarge.


April 15/2006

Spank My Booty

Here's a somewhat funny video with a spanking theme to it. I found this over at youtube, and it looks like someone made a music video with footage from anime cartoons. Listen to the words in the song for a good laugh. I think the female singer enjoys a good trip over the knee every now and then. I have to admit, I was never a big fan of these types of cartoons before, but after watching this video my opinion has changed!


April 13/2006

Lupus Spanking Page

Lupus never seems short on imagination! Here is an interesting position that puts the bottom at the perfect angle for punishment. These series of pictures are from a new movie called "Deep Impact" that is now playing at the new Lupus member site. If you are familiar with Lupus movies, but you have not seen their new pay site that lets you download most of their well known flicks, you need to get over there right now to check things out.

Here's a new picture gallery for the above movie


April 09/2006

Spanking machine in action

While cruising the joke sites one day, I stumbled on this video that shows the world famous robospanker machine in action. Yes this is the same machine that has been featured many times on the Howard Stern show. From what I have read the force is fully adjustable, and there are different models of machines to choose from. By the way, if you are thinking of purchasing such a machine.. today is your lucky day! The basic robospanker is on sale at the moment for only $745.00 which is $200 off from the regualr price. And in case your wondering where the hell would you keep something like this.. no worries, when not in use this machine can be spun around and looks like a hallway table or desk.

Click the picture or here to visit a page and watch the video

Or click here to visit Robospanker and check out the merchandise


April 05/2006

Birthday wishes

Will someone please give this woman what she is asking for! After all it is her birthday, and a birthday girl should get whatever she wants for her birthday especially if it involves a hand to her backside. I have noticed that a lot of these signs and novelty birthday spanking buttons and paddles have been popping up a lot lately. A sign of things to come? He he.. sorry I couldn't resist.


April 03/2006

Beautiful bottom

Now if this isn't a work of art, I don't know what is. For the life of me I can't remember this young lady's name, but I do know you can find movies and pictures of her and close to 100 other women getting their beautiful bottoms tanned at Real Spankings. Yes I said 100 women! For those of you who have not stopped by Real Spankings in a little while, you will be pleasantly surprised. They have one of the best bangs for the buck around. * translation* Probably the most content for the price you pay. Think of it as a very popular theme park ..that I am afraid to mention without being sued.. there is so much to see and download you can't see it all in a day, a week, or a month!

Here's a free gallery from RS


April 01/2006

Assume the position!

And she assumes it so well for a dose of the paddle. What else is there to say about this picture? Oh yes, the shorts should have come down so she can properly learn a lesson. I'm willing to bet this is not the first time this girl has felt the sting of the paddle in her life. But I could be wrong.

Click the pic for the full view


March 31/2006

Spank her.. so she can win $100

This looks like some sort of game show. The young girl must approuch strangers, pull down her shorts and bend over to be spanked by them.. with a flat fish. It does look like a paddle and would probably sting if someone did it really hard.

If she can get 5 people to spank her in 5 minutes she wins 100 pounds. Can she do it? Watch the video to find out. Maybe for the next challenge the show can have the girl go over 5 stranger's knee for a good spanking.. screw the fish.

Click here or the picture to go to the video page


March 26/2006

Bad or birthday

I am not sure if this young lady has been bad or it is her birthday and it is time for her wacks. Either way it looks like she practically threw herself over the other woman's lap, and is not putting up much of a fight. Yup this is definitely not her first trip over the knee.. and probably wont be her last.

Click for a much larger view of the action

March 21/2006

Nice book

A reader let me know about this interesting book and I happened to find it myself being sold on And are my eyes deceiving me or does it say it is only 15 cents or the British equevelent.

Yea I know, back then you could probably buy a loaf of bread for 5 cents, but still.. for the price of three loafs of bread you could have this nice hardcover book to display on your coffee table. Would make a great converstion starter dont ya think? And by the way, I just checked eBay and this book is now gone just to save you guys the time if you wanted to buy it. You might be able to find it at one of those online bookstores that deals in older used books.


March 18/2006

Michelle from RS

Lovely Michelle from Real Spankings. Need I say more? This is from a video where she gets a good strapping with a belt while bending over a foot stool. She is one of my favorite ladies from the site and the video is also ranked very high on my list. To see the video you have to join Real Spankings, but I can show a free picture gallery with a few pics from this scene.

Click here for the gallery


March 13/2006

Spanking scene in the movie "Secretary" voted sexiest in film

In a poll conducted by 120,000 members of, the spanking scene in the movie "Secretary" was voted the sexiest moment in film. The secretary, Lee Holloway, played by actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is spanked by her boss Mr. Grey, (James Spader) after she makes a series of mistakes while working for the demanding lawyer.

Ironically the second sexiest moment in film features Maggie's brother, Jake Gyllenhaal for his kiss in the movie Brokeback Mountain. For the complete list click here. So what does all this mean exactly? Well if you ask me, I think we will see a lot more spanking, and gay cowboys kissing in future movies.

For those of you who haven't seen the Secretary movie, the spanking scene is good but persoanlly I would have liked to see something a little more daring. In the film, Lee is bent over the desk reading a letter out loud and with each mistake she is rewarded with a firm smack to her fanny. Maybe if they make a Secretary -the sequel, we can see Lee over the knee having her short skirt slowly raised, and her panties seductively lowered and given a stern lecture before the real spanking begins. Something tells me it's only a matter of time before we see something like this on the big screen.

Yes it has been done before, La Fessee is one movie that quickly comes to mind, but how old is that french film? 1976? Spanking needs to come back to movie theatres everywhere... and now is as good a time as any!

March 10/2006


Here is an interesting short film that I think was made by college students. It's called "Whacked" and it is one of those movies that you have to watch until the end to understand the whole thing. Hey, some of you will like it! The film is on the site, and since it appears the site is fairly busy you may have to wait a bit for it to completly download so you can watch it. A quick tip is to go to the page now, and wait for the video to play a few seconds and then press pause. If you are paitent you will see a bar slowly moving to the right showing your download progress. For me it took about 15 minutes for it to completely download so you may want to make a sandwich, or continue to surf while it loads. I don't think it is a very big file, it just seems like the site is very busy all the time. So highspeed connection or not, you will still have to wait before trying to watch the movie or it will start and stop every few seconds.


March 08/2006

For the love of god.. put the damn cup down!

I know in the past I have advised that if you are spanking a woman over your knee and you have a beer in your hand, simply rest it on her back while spanking. In this case with a cup (instead of a bottle) just put the damn thing down! I mean the counter is what.. less then a foot away from you! The moral of this story is that if a woman is kind enough to go over your knee, the least you can do is to give her your undivided attention for a few minutes. By the way.. doesn't this lady have beautiful tanned skin?


March 06/2006

Double the fun

I am not sure if these two young ladies just happen to share the same birthday, or if they both acted up at this party and needed a quick discussion right then and there. Being out in public is not a licence to be bad, and discipline should be administered on the spot to drive this point home! I bet next time these two will think twice before being naughty at future parties when their boyfriends are around! They should thank their lucky stars that the pants didn't come down as well, although it would have made a more interesting photo.


March 03/2006

New Lupus Site

I keep receiving a lot of positive mail about the new Lupus site, so I thought I would show you folks some pics from one of my favorite movies by them called Old Janitor's Tales. Excellent quality that you would expect from Lupus, nice realistic sets, costumes and great acting. You can download this movie and a whole bunch of other Lupus films by joining their new site located here.

Here's a free gallery from Lupus


February 26/2006

One Of The Lads

O.K this is something for just the guys, but a few women may find it interesting too. This is a neat little thing where you tell these three women what to do.. and most of the time they actually do it. Go to the page and type a word into the box below the three chicks. I know the word most of you will put in, but try to put in other words and watch what happens. This page can be a little addictive, and you may find yourself entering all sorts of words and then waiting for the outcome. It must have taken someone a lot of time to come up with something like this. It would be cool if someone made another version that was entirely spanking related, although that might be asking a bit much. Have fun

Click here to go there


February 22/2006

Sorority Spanking

Yup, those sorority paddles are sometimes put to good use from time to time. This picture looks a female version of the great film Animal House. It's nice to see the tradition of Toga parties have carried on over the years. And why is it that most women look absolutely stunning when they bend over like in the picture above? This question probably goes back to caveman days.. before tight jeans. To me it is one of the sexiest things a woman can do. Doing that, and being on all fours has always turned my crank, but the beauty of bending over is that it can be done almost everywhere.. in the supermarket reaching for something on the bottom shelf, picking up something she dropped, saying hello to a baby in a stroller. You get the idea. Ladies, please never stop this practice.


February 19/2006

Happy Birthday

A law should be passed that makes it mandatory that you must submit to a birthday spanking on your birthday or be sentenced to one year in jail. Additionally you may not refuse these birthday greetings from anyone who asks. If you are at work and your boss calls you into his or hers office and says, "Sally, I was just checking over the records and noticed it's your birthday today. By law I am required to spank you. Over my knee, Miss!" That would be fun, wouldn't it? But then again, maybe it would be best to keep something like this between friends. Just keep the cameras ready and send me the pics!


February 16/2006

Real Spankings Revisit

I thought I would sign up for a membership at Real Spankings again last week to see what I have missed lately, and was pleasantly surprised by the new look. No not just the look of the new red bottoms, but the whole site.. including their new super-cool search engine thing. For those of you who have joined their other site: Real Spanking Institute, you will already know what I am talking about. Well now they have the same search engine gizmo on the main RS website as well. Lets face it, some of us are very picky when it comes to what we want to see on a site, so a very precise search feature comes in handy..

With the new search engine, you can not only search for things like over the knee videos, hairbrush, or cane spanking videos. You can actually enter in a whole slew of different combinations, and the results page will display the videos that match your search. For example you can select by model, position, implement, spanker, and specialty section.. or all of these together! Another example would be to find all videos of model Michelle, spanked over the knee, by Lady D, with her hand. Some of you who have never been a member to Real Spankings might think this is a slight overkill, but I assure you it is not. There are several thousand video clips on that site.. yes I said thousands, and close to 100 different models! With that many choices on the old system, a new visitor would have had to poke around the pages for hours if they were looking for something very specific.
Anyways, well done Real Spankings! Buy the webmaster.. or whoever came up with your new set up.. a beer for me ;-)

Here's a free gallery from this cool site


February 13/2006

Birthday Spanking Paddle

So far, this is the best picture I have been able to find of the new "Birthday Paddle" in use. Some of you may recall when I mentioned this little item was for sale in gift shops (see article), and the makers stated you should just have your friends sign it. Ha Ha! Yea that's what they said! Well as laughable as that may seem, you can see in the picture some schmucks actually did sign the paddle for this girl. This gentleman however prefers the time honored tradition of birthday spanking, and is using the paddle the way it should be. None of this "just have your friends sign it" garbage for him!


February 11/2006

Does it get any better then this?

What a perfect picture, courtesy of Girls Boarding School. The girl, the position, the panties pulled down just so, the lighting, the camera catching the hand in motion. It's nice to see that GBS still knows how to not only give a good OTK spanking, but capture it properly on video. Yes I said video. This is actually a grab from a video, not a still shot from a camera, and it still looks amazing. Want to see a few lower quality promo vids? For the good stuff (super high quality videos) you have to join, but here is a quick taste of this scene in the form of 4 video clips.

Click here to go to the promo page and preview each of the videos.


February 09/2006

The Spank-Friendly Restaurant

Isn't she cute? There is some restaurant.. I think it is located in the United States.. that definitely has a few of us working there. It seems whenever I stumble across a picture of someone celebrating a birthday at this fine establishment, they are wearing a hat that was obviously made and put on their head by someone from the restaurant. I am not sure if the birthday girl knows that the person also wrote something on the hat, and if you read what it says you will see what I mean. And no this is not an isolated case. I probably have at least a half dozen other pictures with simular inscriptions on the hat.

Click the picture and read the hat to see what the hell I am talking about.


February 06/2006

Her First?

The name of this site has always puzzled me. "Her First Spanking"? It's more like 100 girl's 1000th spanking! I guess they just wanted an eye catching title. Regardless, this is a site that I believe is owned by the same folks that bring us Girls Boarding School, but the videos where filmed by some Russian production company. Don't expect that GBS professional cinematic quality, although lately the people who film these videos have improved their filming and editing techniques.

In their earlier videos I wanted to reach though my computer screen and strangle the camera man. He just couldn't keep the camera steady and used the zoom controls like they were some sort of new toy! The videos have improved greatly as you will see in these 4 clips on the preview page for this site. And despite my negative first impression of their earlier videos, I still highly recommend this site. Be warned though, you will not see many cute OTK spankings here. In fact when you do see the rare over the knee, it looks like the spanker isn't sure what to do. This site is for people who like to see the cane, switch or strap given hard. Let me correct myself, given VERY HARD in some cases. This severity is not for everyone, so if your looking for mild, medium and occasionally severe stuff you should join Girls Boarding School instead.

Click here to go to the preview page for "Her First Spanking" and see 4 clips.


February 03/2006

Paddle Spotted

Yes that is the "Birthday Paddle" making another guest appearance. How do I know? I have the other pictures from this set that clearly show the new novelty paddle that has been showing up at birthday parties everywhere for the last few years. Maybe someone should invent the "Brthday Cane". Isn't this young lady in the perfect position for a sound birthday caning? I think so.


February 01/2006

Early Lupus/ Rigid East

For those of you who have joined the new Lupus spanking site, you will recognize this scene to the left. Some great otk and caning action can be found in this film.
The movie is called "Rigid Father", and it was one of the first movies by the founding company Rigid East. Unfortunately I am not allowed to show any video clips of the R.E/Lupus stuff here yet, but you can find pictures from this film on this page. On a side note, the new Lupus website continues to break all records for people joining and signing up for a membership. I knew the site would be very popular when it first opened several months ago, but had no idea it would be this popular. I think people have been waiting for the great film makers to open a member site for a very long time.


January 31/2006

Halloween success

Remember back in October when I ran a special Halloween edition on this site with a few tips on what to wear for a spanking good time? I mentioned many times that if you are looking to spank, wear a teacher costume and don't forget to bring a ruler.

Well this young lady went one step further and brought along a sign that made her intentions very clear. This may seem a little too extreme for shy folks to try, but like I said in the special edition.. who cares, just blame your actions on Halloween! Click the picture above for the whole scene, or click the pic below for just a close-up of the sign. BTW the bunny costume just screams "spank me". If you are ever at a party and a women is wearing one of those, you just know she has some naughty thoughts on her mind.


January 28/2006

More Lupus pics from the new site

Here's another gallery from the new Lupus membership site. These stills are from the movie "And for you I will come as well." I liked this film.. classic Lupus style with lots of great action. See for yourself by checking out the gallery on this page. As you will see it has a little bit of everything. More galleries coming soon.. stay tuned.


January 25/2006

Something every home should have..
A Spanking Machine

I wrote a quick article on this machine a few years back, and it's nice to see people are buying them and putting them into good use.
I am still working on my over the knee spanking machine that will accept coins or bills and be located in shopping malls all over the world. Until that time, this is the next best thing. Notice the redness on the behind? I believe it is adjustable to handle different levels of naughtyness.


January 22/2006

The Glamour of Old Times

Leave it to Lupus to come up with this interesting new position for punishment. Keep it in mind in case your sexy maid breaks a few of your expensive dishes. It's so hard to find good help these days! Simply have your maid get into this position, apply strap to bare bottom, and then have her face the other direction to ensure both cheeks get the attention they deserve.

Click the picture or here to see stills from this film.


January 19/2006

Assume the position

Could you paddle this girl after telling her to assume the position, and she looked so cute like this? I mean look at that sweet face, and cute little bottom sticking out.

No I don't think I could spank her like that..



I would definitely have her lift up the dress first ;-).


January 17/2006

Darling Lisa

Lisa is my favorite model from Girls Boarding School, and probably one of my favorite models of all time. I am not sure exactly what it is about this young lady that makes her so appealing to me. True she is a very beautiful women (IMO), but I think everyone has a their own favorite girls from websites for a number of very complex reasons. Maybe I should see a psychologist to find out why this girl turns my crank like she does. I will keep everyone informed of the results.

Have a look at a few preview videos of Lisa, over what I wish was my knee.


January 14/2006

Beer bottom spanking

This girl is laughing because the dude is clearly not spanking correctly. To begin with, if you are going to spank someone while holding a beer, don't hold it out to the side like in the photo. It screws up your balance and leverage. Instead rest it on the top of her back. Next, that skirt needs to come up and the panties taken down as punishment for laughing. That will make her eyes open wide like silver dollars and get her attention real quick. Then watch how quickly that smile changes.. as the color of her bottom changes to match her top..


January 12/2006

Some GBS videos

And now time for a quick caning...




4 videos. Click the pic to go to that page


January 09/2006

Nice Birthday Spanking

Has anyone noticed that birthday spankings are a lot more daring these days then they used to be? In the past, a person was given a few simple swats at a party.. but now pants are coming down, or skirts are going up, and sometimes the birthday girl takes a trip over the knee. The future looks looks bright folks! Invite yourself to every birthday party and get in on the action ;-)


January 05/2006

Calstar OTK

Is it just me, or is the sound off in these videos? I am probably missing some weird driver to play the clips on this preview page.

No worries, there are plenty of other pictures and spanking videos to please you on my site. While you continue on, I will see if I can get to the bottom of this problem.

Click here for some preview videos.. Note the sound might be out of sinc.


January 02/2006

Signs of the times

I suppose these two women want to make sure they get what they want for their birthdays. And what better way then to make up a sign and wear it around all night..

I wonder if someone made a sign and walked down a busy downtown one evening.. how many times would they get spanked? Perhaps a reader can try out this experiment and let everyone know how succesfull they were. Would they be spanked a dozen times, or would it be more like a hundred times. And I also wonder if someone would just walk up and spank a girl with a sign, or ask permission first. Personally I would ask.. and wait for her giggling approval.

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