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December 25/2006

Merry Christmas!!

I figured since I wont be here on Christmas day, I wanted to make sure I wished everyone in advance a very Merry Christmas and a joyfull New Year! My apologies as usual for not being around much in 2006 to keep updating this site. The reasons are too numerous and boring to mention, but it truly was out of my control. But.. I never stop looking for new and interesting stuff for you nice folks, and in 2007 I will try to put up all of it. In other news I have temporarly taken down my email, because I just don't have the time to answer, and with all the spam mixed in I was getting over 50 emails a day. Considering that I can usually only check my email every 3-4 days.. I think you get the picture.

And speaking of pictures, the one above is not only my favorite Christmas picture, but one of my favorite spanking pictures of all time. The position, the location of the panties, the look on her sweet face, all perfect in my opinion.. except Santa should have removed his glove.


December 21/2006

Spanking in the Movies

Halfway House

For the life of me, I can't remember if I put up this clip before or not. I do know I saw this video a while ago, and it is a very interesting and sort of strange scene. The priest paddling these two young women's bare bottom seems to enjoy his work towards the end.

It might be a little creepy for some, but I thought I would share it anyways. These types of videos should play directly from this page. Just click on it and it will download and play automatically.



December 18/2006

The wind up and..


These two are having a grand old time celebrating her birthday. This is one spank of many I am sure, and as you can tell by looking at her face, she is enjoying every minute of it.

Birthdays are a time for fun, and there is nothing worse then a person wimping out and struggling when it's time for the birthday spanking. Ladies, don't fight it. You will only make the spanker angry, and in his rage will spank you harder. Be a good girl and just lay over the knee without any fuss, so business can be taken care of in the time honored way.

December 15/2006

Firm discipline

Here's 4 free preview clips from the world famous Girls Boarding School. I've noticed that Tom seems to be spanking the girls a little harder than usual lately, which is very nice to see. I guess after years of spanking beautiful young ladies many times a day, year after year, it must build up the muscles in one's arm. I wonder if professional spankers develop some kind of tennis elbow? Maybe that's why he now has a few other people helping out by spanking the girls at the boarding school. You can't blame the guy, spanking constantly is hard work. Sure the bad girls might complain about their sore bottom, but no one gives a damn about poor Tom's hand.

Where was I? Oh yea, the preview clips! For those that are new here, just click the picture above and click on any of the movies on that page to watch them. You can also do a right click and save them to your hard drive for later viewing if you desire. One thing to note.. these are just preview clips, so the quality and size is low. But anyone one will tell you that if you join Girls Boarding School, the videos are close to DVD quality and will play full screen. Trust me, they are some of the best quality videos you will ever see.




December 12/2006

Real Picture

I really like this picture, because it's a real picture.. ya know, the type taken with a camera that used film which you actually had to send away and wait weeks to a month to be developed. The date is cut off, but it looks like Jan 1966 to me. As as you can see, a spanking back then was done right. As in right over the knee! Yup, no foolin around here, she's not going anywhere until she gets whats coming to her. I bet things went something like this: "Smack, smack, smack..." O.K smile for the camera! "POOF!" And this moment in time was captured forever.

Click the picture above to see a slightly larger picture. And like I said, it's only slightly larger because.. it's a real picture.


December 09/2006

Classic OTK!

This scene is a classic example of a good spanking. Over the knee, panties down, legs kicking. And to think millions and millions of young ladies through out time have had to endure such punishment exactly as depicted here. Most of you probably know these are my favorite scenes to watch. I am not a big fan of all these new fangled positions that spanking sites try to dream up to keep our attention. True some might think it's easy to spank a girl over the knee and film it, but it takes a real professional to transform this into a work of art. So many don't stop to think, and simply place the girl over then knee and start spanking. To me, it makes a big difference if everything is just so. Allow me to explain.

The angle is so important.. the bottom should be the highest point, just like the example above. How many times do you see the shoulders as the highest point, or even her head? Next, the panties. Of course they need to be taken down.. yes down, but not right off. The chair that a spanker uses is also very important: too low to the ground and you don't get the angle, too high up and both her hands and feet are off the ground, and again the angle is comprimised.
Click here or the pic above to see 4 preview video clips from Girls Boarding School. Preview clip number 1 shows exactly how it should be done ;-)

December 06/2006

Birthday paddle

Yes the Birthday Spanking Paddle makes another guest appearance! You might remember me talking about this paddle when it first came out many moons ago over on this page at The Spanking News. Well, after a brief disappearance it's back with a vengeance. Looking at the spanker above, you can tell she means business and it comes as no surprise that the birthday girl is just a little nervous.

The maker of this paddle should pay these chicks to make an instructional video to show the proper use of this item. Pick up one of these paddles for the next birthday party you go to, and you are almost guaranteed a spankin' good time.

December 03/2006

Spanking in the movies

La fessée

Yes I know I have showed this clip before at The Spanking News, but since it was a while ago I thought I would put it up again for any new folks that haven't seen it. This movie has a whole bunch of spanking scenes in it, so if you ever happen find it on Ebay.. because I think it's no longer available from the distributor, be sure to grab it. Leon, the paid spanker in this film has a very unique style. I didn't like it at first, but he does get the women squirming.

For those who dont know, these types of videos should play directly from this page. Just click on it and it will download and play automatically.


December 01/2006

Christmas is coming

And it looks like Santa will have his hands full this year taking care of all the women who have been naughty. I hear he uses his hand for regular bad girls, but for more serious offences of naughtiness he takes off his black leather belt.

Any woman caught reading my pages automatically has a spanking coming from Santa. Sorry I should have put up a warning before, but you ladies should have known better anyways. Expect to have a bright red bottom on Christmas morning!


November 28/2006

The cat is out of the bag

And what a darling cat she is! This Halloween costume just screams, "Spank me like the naughty little cat I am!" The looks on the faces are priceless.. yea they know what's going on. The school teacher planned on spanking some butts that evening, and her costume choice paid off. Last year I spoke about what costumes to wear at Halloween parties for ladies looking to get spanked, and I think I left out the sexy cat outfit. Well, who could resist a woman wearing one of these.

Unfortunately we don't get to see the cat's friend get spanked, (left) but I am willing to bet she did.. or one can only hope. That beautiful backside looks like it needs some serious attention.






November 24/2006

Spanked Cutie

I have joined Spanked Cutie in the the past, and I must say it is very unique place. In general it has somewhat harsher punishments than your average site, and they also tend to use different positions and do things in a different order. For example, a girl will do something bad and she will be caned hard on her bare bottom.. and then they will spank her over the knee. That's what I mean by different order.

This had me scratching my head at first, but I must say it was a pleasant change. Although Tom from Girls Boarding School makes a few guest appearances, they mostly use a lot of new spankers in their movies. Click on the picture to watch 4 preview videos from this site.


November 20/2006

Nice angle

Now this is the perfect angle for a spanking! As I have mentioned many times, so much that most of you are probably sick of hearing me say it.. I love a good angle. To me a woman's bottom is just so sexy when it is up in the air like that. Even a blind man could not miss that target. Conditions could not be more perfect.

But.. what the hell she is doing with that spatula? Put that thing away girl, your not cooking hamburgers.. your toasting buns. Don't ruin this perfect opportunity! The spanker seems a little embarrassed though, doesn't she? All she needs to do is transfer the red from her face on to her friend's bottom.


November 16/2006

Spanking in the Movies

Honza málem králem

Here is another classic that I am sure I have posted before, but deserves a repost for those who may have missed it the first time around. If you like spankings in front of large groups, this one is for you. I have no idea what is going on here as I have never watched the whole movie, but the crowd is obviously very pleased watching this young lady get her punishment.

For those who dont know, these types of videos should play directly from this page. Just click on it and it will download and play automatically.


November 13/2006


Here is your average spanking taking place, but there is something distracting me. What is that woman, the one standing with blonde hair, doing? Is she playing with a mp3 player, or is she taking the girl's blood pressure or something? Maybe it is some kind of microphone and she is recording the firm whacks her friend is receiving for later listening. We will probably never know, but she should be spanked as well for causing a distraction while everyone is trying to enjoy this scene.




November 09/2006

Caned while cleaning

Girls Boarding School has so many lovely models now that it is becoming difficult to remember who is who. Is this Angie or Lisa to the left? Regardless, she is not doing a very good job cleaning, because the man keeps striking her little bare bottom with the cane. You cant blame him in a way because it is such a tempting target. That position with her on the chair is an interesting one, wouldn't you agree? To watch 4 preview clips of this girl, who is either Angie or Lisa, click the picture above and enjoy.


November 06/2006

OTK to go

It seems like a lot more people are spanking in public lately. In all my years of going to restaurants and pubs, I have never seen someone thrown over the knee for a spanking in front of everyone. I also point to the Nov 01/06 update with the guy drinking a beer. What is even more surprising is how other patrons act like they dont see anything. Are they just pretending, or are they just so used to seeing a naughty girl over a knee getting her butt whacked? If I was there I would probably walk over and ask the spanker if she needs any help, and then proceed to hand her my business cards from The Spanking News and Only Spanking as proof that I have a little experience in this area. Maybe I could say something like, "Hi, I'm the editor from The Spanking News and I noticed you are having a little problem here. Would you like me to take over so you can finish your meal?"


November 03/2006

Russian Spanking

This is a rare OTK spanking from the Russian produced site : Her First Spanking. I say rare OTK because they usually punish bad girls the more traditional way.. canes, straps, and switches! If you like harsher punishments, this site is for you. If you are looking for mainly over the knee stuff, pass this one by. Although this guy does a pretty good job, as you will see in the preview clips, in general when other spankers spank a girl over their knee you can tell they are a little confused and almost act like they are not sure what to do. But.. put a cane in their hand and they handle it like a skilled master. I wonder if regular spanking was ever common in Russia? If you join this site (like I did in the summer) you will notice right away that they like to have the woman lie face down on bed or more often on a flat bench while they cane them. A little different from the British method of bending over a chair or touching toes, but it still works for me.

Click the picture above to see 4 free videos from Her First Spanking


November 01/2006

Drinking and spanking dont mix

I've said it many times before, dont mix drinking and spanking. It just doesn't work. This man clearly isn't concentrating on the task at hand.. which is a beautiful woman over his lap. Many men would kill to be in his position, yet there he is sucking on a Corona. Folks, if you are not in the condition to deliver a proper spanking please pass the opportunity on to someone else. I am sure there must have been some man or woman in that busy restaurant that would have flipped up her short skirt and given what she truly deserves.

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